10 Most Romantic Japanese Places

Japan is the perfect honeymoon destination for newlyweds starting their life together or for couples who are looking to surprise their significant other with a romantic getaway. There’s nothing better than sharing a travel experience of a lifetime with your love at one of the many romantic places in Japan. We have created a list with some of the most beautiful and romantic places, where you both can fall in love all over again.

So scroll down and find out the best romantic weekend getaways in Japan to surprise your partner and make awesome memories to last you both a lifetime!

1. Mt. Fuji: Enjoy a boat ride by the mountain

There’s definitely something whimsical when you’re seeing a beautiful mountain with your better half in a foreign country. You can enjoy a small cruise on the lake and take in the beautiful sights of the majestic Mount Fuji and its surroundings. There are many boat cruises available by the lake for both of you to choose from. This is the perfect setting to be surrounded by beautiful sights and your better half.

2. Tokyo: Take a helicopter charter ride in the night

If you want to take your loved one on a romantic date, but want to do something better than average, then taking a helicopter charter ride over Tokyo will definitely make your date even more memorable. All you have to do is sit back and relax while you and your love are up in the air, enjoying the twinkling city lights from above. Even though the charter ride is a bit pricier than an average activity, it is definitely worth it for the views and the experience you both are about to share with each other.

Location: Tokyo, Japan

Helicopter fee: INR 15,807

3. Okinawa: Relax at the beaches

This place is one of the most ideal places to visit during your romantic weekend getaways in Japan with the love of your life. Okinawa has some of the most beautiful beaches with white sand and clear blue water, which is just the perfect location to spend time. It is also filled with secluded places where you can enjoy the sunrise and sunset with each other. And, it just doesn’t end here, this place is a perfect fit for Japan honeymoon destinations, as it has some of the best honeymoon resorts available too.

4. Japanese Ryokans: Spend a few nights relaxing here

Make the most out of your time in Japan by spending a few nights at a traditional Japanese inn with your love. Some of the Ryokan’s also have private hot springs for their guests for couples to spend time relaxing with each other in the most tranquil settings ever seen. And don’t forget to try the scrumptious kaiseki dinner to get your taste buds up and running. You and your partner are bound to feel refreshed and energized after spending time at the traditional Japanese ryokan.

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5. Lake Mashu: Gaze at the stars

Venturing out to see some of the most scenic views is also a very romantic way to spend your time with each other in Japan. Lake Mashu which is located in Hokkaido is one of the most serene places where you can cuddle and de-stress. You can also gaze at the stars at night time, as this place is no light pollution zone. The best part about Lake Mashu is the ambiance and the views change completely, which is totally dependent on what season is currently running. You can also take a stargazing Lake Mashu tour, where they take tourists to the 1st observation deck. The best way to reach this place is by bus, which is available from April until July.