Flat Roof House Extensions in Brisbane – An Eco-friendly and Affordable Option to Extend the Space

  • nick josiph
  • January 17, 2024
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If you have plans to expand your property, you would likely come across different options, such as catslide roofs, flat roof extensions, orangeries, and conservatories. However, if you discuss with experts of house extensions in Brisbane, you would likely know that most of the extension builders perceive flat roof extensions as the right choice. By comparing the flat roof with other available options, you will get a pool of benefits related to bringing improvement in the overall look of your home. In this blog post , we have discussed a few of the strong reasons, which make flat roof type of house extension preferable-

Double the Existing Space of Your Property 

Undoubtedly, people approach for experts of house extensions in Brisbane to create enough space. Flat roof type of extensions stand out from their counterpart extensions is that they double the existing space of your residential property. The reason for this is that the roof’s top area is equally useful as the space below it. Thus, you only need to reinforce the roof and thereby, convert it to a first-floor’s roof terrace. This will increase the living space by about 2 times as compared to extension done via pitched roofs and compensate for spaces, which you may pinch from the garden. 

Gives Freedom in Terms of Glaze 

A prime benefit to choose for flat roof option related to house extensions in Brisbane is that it gives you the freedom to show your creativity with varieties of outstanding glaze. Accordingly, you may install a huge amount of glazing in your flat roof according to your choice as compared to any pitch roof. Also, you get the option to choose the exact location of the glazing, which further gives flexibility. 

Increase in Flexibility 

You should choose for building a flat roof type of house extension because it offers increased flexibility. If you consider the extensions’ design in the case of pitched roofs, you would likely find that they orientate across supporting them only. On the other side, flat roofs need relatively less structural reinforcement. Accordingly, with limited extension options, you may experiment easily and select floor plans as per your convenience to create a flat roof extension. 

Affordable Option is Possible 

A prime benefit to choose for flat roof extension is that such extension is done at an affordable price as compared to any pitched roof. The logic behind this is that flat roofs make the most of materials as compared to the one done by pitched roofs. Furthermore, if you choose for flat roof of top quality you will be sure and get peace in your mind that your roof will last for many years and you have to spend only a small amount for it. 

Offer Eco-friendly Option 

If you are looking for eco-friendly options to extend your house, then house extensions experts in Brisbane will recommend you to look for flat roof extensions. This will give you an option to achieve a green roof via plantation of more trees and fill it with grass. Only you have to arrange for strong structural reinforcement, a special drainage system and an effective root barrier to build green roofs. A positive aspect, in this case, is that making an investment in a single green roof is an effective way to reduce the levels of carbon dioxide and in turn, to provide a high level of insulation for the extension. 

Based on the aforementioned facts, we should say that homeowners are available with plenty of strong reasons to choose for flat roof types of house extensions. What would be better than increasing the available living space at a pocket-friendly price and choosing an eco-friendly option?