WINTER OR ALL-SEASON TYRES: Which One Should You Buy For Your Car?

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  • June 22, 2021
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There are numerous cars that are installed with all-season car tyres as soon as they are dispatched from the factory. They are designed and developed to offer a silent ride, performance throughout the year, and great life of the tread. All these reasons make them an extremely popular choice for drivers across the globe. All-season car tyres are highly versatile and perform in multiple conditions which include driving in the lighter winter season and on wet surfaces. These tyres offer the benefits of each of the winter and summer car tyres.

All-season car tyres forego some critical capabilities of both kinds of seasonal tyres.

This indicates that these tyres would not be able to provide the same handling and grip as the summer car tyres. Similarly, these tyres would also not be able to tackle extreme low-temperature conditions such as ice driving or snow trekking. The technology behind these tyres helps offer good performance all through the year for drivers who reside in a climate that is moderate and they don’t face extreme ice, snow, and cold during the winter season.

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Winter tyres are constructed for the actual winter season

If you have the correct car tyre, you could easily traverse through the roads in the winter months. From black ice to heavy snowfall, the winter season could be highly unpredictable. Such conditions trigger tyres to offer traction like none of the other seasons. Winter car tyres could easily handle icy, snowy cool temperatures as they are specifically designed for that purpose. 

  • The rubber in the tread In the extreme winter season, the summer or all-season car tyres rubber becomes hard and does not offer decent traction. To overcome this, the elements of the winter car tyres Coventry are formulated in a way that the tyre remains extremely flexible, enhancing the grip of the car on the road.
  • The pattern and depth of the tyre’s tread – Winter car tyres have the unique characteristic of having treads that are very deep with peculiar patterns on them. Treads with additional depth lower the building up of snow and offer improved traction on snowy roads. The patterns on the winter tyre treads are created in a way to manoeuvre the slush and snow to push the water away.
  • Sharp edges – Winter car tyres possess many sharp edges that bite into the snow. The densities of the sipes or slits are also high to improve traction on icy roads.

All-season car tyers vs winter car tyres: Which is the best?

The choice between snow car tyres and all-season car tyres completely depends on the region you live in and the kind of conditions you drive your car in. If the winter season is not that intense or extreme in the area you reside and you barely see a few flurries of snow each year, all-season car tyres would probably be your choice. 

The other time when you require being careful is while mounting these tyres. Remember to fit the complete set of winter car tyres and avoid mixing different types of tyres. This would harm your safety as each tyre would grip on the road differently. If you just change the front car tyres, the rear car tyres are most likely to skid. 

As soon as you notice that the spring season is back, remember to mount the all-season car tyres back on the wheels. Winter Kumho tyres Coventry if driven on dry and warm roads could wear out quickly. Even after a significant amount of research and knowledge, if you feel you need guidance, consult an expert who could help you make an informed decision.