What Factors Make LinkedIn Automation Risky? Mistake That You Should Avoid

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For those businesses and B2B marketers who use LinkedIn for lead generation, LinkedIn automation tools are too good to be true. 

Instead of spending hundreds of hours on sending invites, messages, follow-ups, or even forgetting to send them, you can simply include advanced LinkedIn automation tools into your lead generation strategy. 

All you need to do is to pick a reliable tool and put the whole lead generation process on autopilot. 

The best LinkedIn automation tools really make it easier for businesses to scale their lead generation efforts. Not to mention too fierce competition among the companies to find top leads for their business. The latest marketing standards require businesses to be fast, quick, and more efficient. All of this makes LinkedIn automation tools a must. 

Despite being an ultimate solution for LinkedIn lead generation, the platform doesn’t really appreciate the use of bots or automation and often leads to account restriction or ban. 

This is because LinkedIn wants to prevent a flood of spam messages on the platform and encourages human-to-human interaction and personalized relationships. 

That’s why it has updated its algorithm and keeps on cracking spammers from time to time. However, it’s not the automation tools that cause the account ban but the activity that you perform on LinkedIn. 

Either you use an automation tool to perform activities or do it manually, you need to be within limits if you want to keep your account safe. 

Avoid Making These Mistakes If You Want a Risk-Free Lead Generation Process

1. Sending Too Many Connect Requests

LinkedIn has put limits on certain activities such as visiting accounts, connecting requests, messages, etc. As soon as you try to cross the line, you will get warnings from LinkedIn. 

No doubt that LinkedIn is a public platform and users should be allowed to perform different activities, but LinkedIn wants you to be slow.

You can’t hit the jackpot in just one day. So, if you send connection requests or visit profiles manually or with the help of the best LinkedIn automation tools, make sure you stay within LinkedIn limits. 

If you’re worried about LinkedIn’s new weekly invitation limits, you can also go for advanced tools such as LinkedCamp that help you send 500+ connect requests in a day. 

2. Using Low-quality Chrome Extensions

If you go to the markets, you’d see most of the chrome extensions. No doubt some of them are working great but there are some low-quality chrome extensions that are risky to use.

The problem with these Chrome extensions is that they keep prospecting every profile that comes into the way. You need to monitor things 24/7.

To avoid this trouble, you can always go for a cloud based LinkedIn automation tool as they don’t require any monitoring and run 24/7.

These tools also provide IP addresses to keep login details safe and also provide advanced features that help users to define their target audience and send them highly personalized messages.