Using Rigid Boxes to Promote Dry Shampoo for Greasy Strands

Does your hair care brand cater to the needs of diverse customers? You can make use of creatively compelling packaging to make your offers hard to miss out. Gripping boxes displaying the dry shampoo collection would grab attention of the shoppers with greasy hair. They would like to explore the product that can solve the problem without having to wash their strands or locks every other day. Packaging can have striking details about the item, for instance you can mention if there is coconut oil or a fragrance in it. Create affinity for your cosmetic manufacturing company through engaging and interesting boxes.

Packaging has the potential to sway a casual buyer into completing the purchase. You can add a wow factor to your custom printed rigid boxes to captivate the consumers. Packaging ought to be inviting and interactive at the same time. To balance design and content elements is essential if you want to sell and brand smartly through personalized boxes. You need to have a packaging expert to guide and provide cost effective printing services for your retail boxes. Look for a printer that has the expertise for getting rigid and other packaging custom made. You shouldn’t trust a vendor without ensuring it has the skills and attitude to provide you gratifying experience.

Ask questions related to turnaround time, kind of stocks and techniques used to evaluate the competence of a printing solutions provider.

Below are some key pointers on how you can make the boxes worthwhile!

Get Intriguing Packaging Design Options 

Artwork of the boxes for dry fragrant shampoo has to be scintillating. Tell the graphics team to give you some pictorial design choices. You can suggest improving and tweaking the one that is most relevant to your hair product. Name of the item can be printed with catchy and colorful font to make it pop. You can have fancy and festive packaging printed for combos and bundled items especially if you want to pitch saver deals.

Resilient Rigid Box Packaging

Packaging for hair care cosmetics needs to be sustainable to protect the bottles and containers from getting affected by shock, moisture and heat. When choosing the stock for the boxes, get insight on the specs like thickness and flexibility of the materials like paperboard, cardstock and kraft. Packaging style should support the users with handling the item. Glossy lamination would enhance the outlook and strength of the boxes. Ask for the printer’s advice if you feel indecisive or lost when deciding on the finishing details.

Boxes with Clear and Concise Information

Utilize the space on packaging for giving instructions on using the shampoo effectively. There should be details like formulation, net weight and best before date on the custom rigid box. Packaging should include care cautions and if the item can cause some sort of allergy or a reaction.

Your online store’s address and social media profile links must be listed on the boxes for increasing sales and customer engagement. If your brand is relatively new in the market, build rapport with the shoppers by giving them an account of your customer centric values and practices. You can also enlighten them about a cause that you are avidly supporting, highlight the impact it is making to inspire.

Let the Legacy Printing customize your rigid packaging contemporarily within your budget. For details, call now!