Using LinkedIn to Find Prospects – Top 5 Hacks to Find Your Ideal Prospects Easily

Top 5 tips for prospecting

B2B marketers and sales professionals talk about LinkedIn. All. The. Time. Why so? It’s because this is the best professional platform to find and collect ideal leads- it’s literally built for people to find each other and generate maximum business opportunities. Many businesses are using advanced LinkedIn automation tools to find their ideal leads. 

There are countless ways to find your ideal leads on LinkedIn and here we have put together a list of the best ones. 

Let’s dive in:

1. Use LinkedIn Automation Tools

Using the best LinkedIn automation tools has proved to be the best and quickest way to find ideal leads for the business.

The LinkedIn automation tools come with advanced filters that help you find even the most difficult prospects in a matter of time. 

You set up outreach campaigns using specific filters and keywords and the tool will list out people you have been looking for. 

Sue these tasks are doable manually and you don’t always need LinkedIn automation tools but it will take you a lot of time and effort. The tool will find people in a few hours that might take days and even weeks if done manually.

2. View What Others Are Viewing

The “People also viewed” is a fertile ground for searching for new leads and increasing your visibility on LinkedIn. 

The feature shows a list of the potential prospects that match with niche-specific profiles that you’re already looking for. The best thing about this feature is that you get to see new yet potential faces every day to reach out and engage. 

Thus, if you’re looking for particular prospects, all you need to do is to make a relevant search on LinkedIn and LinkedIn will do the work for you to offer a list of relevant prospects. 

3. Research Your Competitors Network

If you really want to find ideal prospects to generate leads, you need to pay close attention to your leads. 

You can spy on their networks and find out what type of audience they have. Look through their connections – it’s just one click away. You can filter out prospects from the connection list using the latest LinkedIn automation tools

This can be very beneficial if the competitor you’re researching has a very large network of thousands of prospects. Filtering out the people with LinkedIn automation tools will save you a lot of time. 

4. See Who Liked & Commented On Your Posts

Another way to actively find your ideal prospects on LinkedIn is to see who likes or comments on the posts that you have shared.

Chances are that you get hundreds of likes and comments from the prospects actively interested in what you have shared. 

You can scrap the details of the people by using the top LinkedIn automation tools

With these LinkedIn automation tools, you can run campaigns to list out people who interacted with a particular post. 

5. Use Sales Navigator

Sales Navigator is also like a LinkedIn automation tool that comes with amazing features to help you find and reach out to the best prospects. 

This LinkedIn automation tool offers advanced search filters to find pretty much anyone who is using LinkedIn. The sales navigator also provides search alerts so you get new leads even when you are working on something else.

Moreover, you can also save the lists of the prospects for later use. 


There are unlimited ways to search your ideal prospects on LinkedIn and all of them share the same logic: use them smartly. 

The strongest, reliable, and quickest way among all is the use of the best LinkedIn automation tools

Use these tips to find your ideal leads on LinkedIn and let us know how these worked for you. 

Good luck!