Things You Need to Know About Commercial Product Photography in New Jersey

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  • February 1, 2023
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When your product needs commercial photography in New Jersey, there’s no need to worry. As long as you know what to look out for and have a solid game plan in mind, you can make sure that the final images are just what you need to succeed with your project. In this blog post, we’ll cover everything you need to know about commercial product photography in New Jersey so that you can get started without any trouble!

The Different Types of Commercial Product Photography

There are two main types of commercial product photography: location shooting and studio shooting.

Location shooting is the most cost-effective solution for smaller companies or entrepreneurs who want good-quality images but don’t have a lot of money.

 Studio shooting is best for larger or more established companies that want high-quality photographs with a polished, professional feel. If you’re going to do location shooting, it’s important to find a place that looks similar to your actual store and be sure your products fit well into the scenery. For example, if you sell outdoor gear at an outdoor gear store, it would make sense to shoot on location at an outdoor gear store!

What Products Can Be Shot? Any kind of physical product can be shot – clothes, jewelry, electronics, cars – anything! The photographer will come up with creative ideas based on your business type.

What You’ll Need for a Successful Shoot

Commercial product photography is a complicated process and one that can be overwhelming if you don’t know what you’re doing. To ensure that your shoot is successful, make sure you prepare for the following:

-Photographing an object from every angle;

-Focusing on each detail of the product (including packaging);

-Lighting: natural or artificial;

-Backgrounds: neutral colors work best

The Best Times to Schedule a Shoot

The best times of the day for a photo shoot are morning and evening when the natural light is low and the shadows are long. The most important thing is to find a time that works with your product’s availability. Some products might need to be refrigerated before or after the photo shoot, so make sure you take this into account as well.

The second most important thing is to check on weather forecasts. On days when rain or snow can be expected, it might be wise to reschedule the photoshoot for another day.

When shooting a commercial product photography session outside, it’s advisable to bring along plenty of additional lighting equipment such as reflectors and diffusers.

Tips for Working with Models

If you’re going to be taking pictures of someone, especially a model, it is imperative that you know what you’re doing. It’s not enough just to take pictures of people; you need to take good pictures of people. Here are some tips for working with models:

1. A quick internet search will provide you with an abundance of information on how to best approach photographing a person, and specific techniques and tricks for getting the best results from your subjects

2. Make sure the lighting is perfect before starting – no one likes having their photograph taken when there’s natural light streaming through the window behind them

3. Give direction to your subject if they appear stiff or uncomfortable

4. Don’t forget to look at the picture while you take it! Cameras have this cool little feature called the live view that allows photographers to see exactly what they’re shooting on the back of their camera.


The most important thing is to choose the right photographer for your needs. The good news is that there are lots of options when it comes to commercial product photography in NJ, so you shouldn’t have any problem finding the right photographer for your project. So don’t delay and search for one today.