PRP treatment: best hair loss treatment

It is not uncommon to see people say that they are having hair loss on an extensive scale. Hair loss is a number one concern for many, especially for men and women. In medical science, there is a term for hair loss that is alopecia. In everyone’s life, there comes a stage when the person tends to experience hair loss. There can be plenty of reasons for hair loss. For instance, in women, hair loss’s main reasons can be conditions like the menstrual cycle, menopause, hormone changes, pregnancy, etc. Whereas in men, it can be hereditary, hormonal imbalance and also might be due to age. Besides this, the diet of the person also plays a major role in determining hair growth. 

Back in time, people used natural remedies to treat such issues as hair loss. And they do also work to some extent but not always. It was so because there were not any treatments for treating hair loss then. But now, it is not the case. Medical science has progressed a lot, leading to numerous treatments for hair loss and one such popular treatment is PRP, known as platelet-rich plasma therapy. It is a renowned treatment for restoring hair growth. 

Causes of hair loss 

There are diverse types of hair loss, and each hair loss has a different cause. Consequently, it is not easy to spot the exact cause of hair loss. But still, some factors are universally accepted as the causes of hair loss. So, let’s know about the major causes of hair loss. 

Hereditary- One of the primary reasons for hair loss is the hereditary factor. It means that if someone in your family faced a similar problem, then the next generation is also bound to face conditions like hair loss. Most often, it is passed from parent to child. 

Stress- These days, competition has increased a lot in life as well as a career. Usually, adults are pressured concerning their career, but now, even the students are also not freed from stress. They are stressed to achieve an excellent score in their grades. No matter what the reason for anxiety, it directly affects hair growth and overall health. No doubt that excess stress can cause your hair to reduce in volume. 

Conditions in women- There are certain conditions in women like the menstrual cycle, menopause, and pregnancy, which can worsen women’s hair loss issues. All these conditions lead to hormonal imbalance in women, which in return causes hair loss. 

Pollution- People fail to realize it, but pollution is also impacting the hair growth in people. Due to excess pollution, huge dirt and dust particles deposit on people’s hair whenever they go out. If people do not look after their hair, this pollution can completely ruin their hair and lead to hair loss. 

Diet- Be it whatever skin and health issue, your diet plays a major role in all. If you consume oily food and junk food daily, then your hair growth tends to get affected. You need to ensure that you consume a well-balanced meal with lots of fruits and veggies to have healthy hair growth. 

Dieting- Some people are overweight and often resort to dieting to achieve their desired body weight and figure. But in doing so, they reduce their calorie intake, leading to hair loss and ultimately reduced hair growth. 

Know about PRP hair loss treatment?

Prp hair Los Angeles refers to platelet-rich plasma therapy. In this treatment, platelets play an essential role in healing. Consequently, to understand the treatment, you must be clear about platelets’ role in hair loss treatment. Usually, platelets consist of red and white blood cells. Studies indicate when platelets are injected into the body, they promote healing there. To make this happen, firstly, the sample of your blood is drawn. Then the contents of your blood are separated in a machine called a centrifuge. Out of that, platelets are taken out and injected into the area where there is hair loss. 

Consequently, PRP has become an effective method for treating hair loss. The best thing about PRP is that it treats hair loss and several other issues like ligaments, tendons, and muscles. 

Is PRP effective?

To know whether the PRP is effective or not, numerous studies and researches have been conducted on the PRP. The research concluded that PRP is effective and has cured several hair loss patients and increased their hair density. Without any doubt, it is a promising treatment for hair loss. Although it offers excellent results, but its results can vary from person to person. It is not like every person will have the same results. But it is highly effective as compared to other hair loss treatments. PRP facial is also one of the best facials. 

Benefits of PRP hair loss 

Restores hair- One of PRP’s foremost benefits is that it restores hair to normal and boosts hair growth. Hair is the foremost part of a person’s personality, and it also gives an outlook on your appearance. Consequently, it increases your hair growth. 

Skin rejuvenation- Apart from resulting in hair growth, it also leads to skin rejuvenation. It boosts collagen production as collagen decreases as a person ages. But it is essential for hair growth. 

High success rate- PRP has a high success rate as compared to other hair loss treatments. In this, a patient’s blood is used to treat hair loss. And numerous patients have reported to be successfully treated with this treatment. 

Economical- Before availing of any treatment, people make sure that it is under their budget or not. People only avail such treatment, which falls under their budget. Usually, such treatments are expensive, but PRP is not. And PRP is one such treatment. It can be easily afforded by people and does not feel heavy on them and their pockets. 

Enhances their personality- PRP enhances the person’s personality by making their hair look thicker and fuller. It feels like the person is young enough when the hair is thick and bouncy. It automatically enhances the look of the person. 

No discomfort- Besides the advantages mentioned above, there is no discomfort caused during the treatment. The treatment is not painful because anesthesia is given before beginning with the treatment, which numbs the person entirely. Consequently, leaving the treatment painless throughout. 

How long does PRP last?

For efficient results, you need to receive multiple treatment sessions to maintain consistent hair growth over time. Apart from this, doctors during the treatment use several medications to treat hair loss in a person. You need to be consistent with those medications and make sure you have these under the guidance of your surgeon. It varies from person to person. Also, it depends on the patient’s condition and the results of the initial treatment received. You need to ensure that your maintenance goes well. Once you are done with your treatment, your doctor may prescribe you maintenance injections every three to four months, depending on your condition, but it only happens once your hair loss is under control. 

After-effects of PRP treatment 

It is known to everyone that PRP consists of a person’s blood components; there are few side effects. Have a look at some of the side effects of PRP hair loss treatment:

Mild pain- Firstly, the patient is bound to feel some pain at the injection site. 

Tender scalp- There can also be tenderness at the scalp of the patient. 

Swelling- Besides the side effects mentioned above, there can be swelling because the injection is given to the patient. Swelling is bound to take place due to this. 

Itchy scalp- Due to the transplantation of the hair, there can be an itchy scalp. 

Apart from all these side effects mentioned above, there can be bleeding at the injection site. But not to worry as it will be for a temporary period and will not last long. 

Risks involved in the PRP 

There is no real risk involved in the PRP as most patients get the injections without real numbing. Also, there is minimal discomfort. But if you think that the pain is getting intolerable, you can use ice packs or cool airbags to minimize the pain. There can also be bruising to some extent, but it will vanish after a week or two. As far as downtime is concerned, then it is minimal. To fasten up your recovery, even more, it is recommended to have a hot shower after the treatment as its temperature will enhance the blood flow and regulate its circulation. But at the same time, you cannot touch your hair and maintain it for a day or two as it will prove the treatment ineffective. It simply means that you cannot blow dry, color, or comb your hair. 

Eligibility for hair loss treatment 

Only those eligible for the Prp hair Los Angeles are experiencing hair loss and baldness quite often. More precisely, those who are experiencing hair loss due to hereditary reasons or losing hair from the top of the head are best for PRP hair loss treatment. 


There is no doubt that Prp hair Los Angeles enhances your personality and gives you your lost hair back. Side by side, it increases your self-confidence and boosts your morale. 

Luckily, you can solve the issue by reducing or eliminating the fat underneath your chin in various ways, such as physical exercises, home, and salon procedures. Consult professionals at Kybella Los Angeles to eliminate the double chin. Follow on to learn more about how you can redefine your jawline.

What Causes the Excessive Fat Underneath Your Chin?

There several factors that lead to an excessive amount of fat in your submental area. The submental fat may amass for numerous reasons, including; weight fluctuation, age, heredity, pregnancy, and unbalanced nutrition.

Ways to Reduce the Fat underneath Your Chin

  • Physical Exercises 

That’s right! Exercising the facial muscles around your jawline will strengthen the muscles and gradually reduce the excessive fat underneath your chin. Even though there’s no scientific research that proves that exercises work, there’s anecdotal proof.  Kybella Los Angeles specialists recommend activities that may help bolster the muscles and skin in your submental area include;

Jutting Your Jaw: Slanting your head back, look upwards, and push your lower jaw forward. Then hold your jaw jut, count to ten and return your head to a neutral point.

Tongue Stretching Exercise: Focus straightforward with your tongue stuck out, then lift it towards your nose and hold for ten seconds, and release.

Puckering Your Lips: Pucker your lips with your head tilted back to stretch the area underneath your chin, then bring your head around to position.

Chin Presses Exercise: Set a ten-inch ball under your chin, press it against the ball repeatedly daily for twenty-five times.

Neck Stretch Exercises: Slanting your head back, press your tongue to your mouth roof and hold for ten seconds, then release.

  • Reduce Your Submental Fat Through Diet 

If you’re overweight, eating a healthy diet will help you to lose some weight. To get you started, Kybella Los Angeles professionals focus on some eating recommendations for a healthier you.

Vegetables and Fruits: It goes without saying, we are what we eat. Consume at least four portions of veggies and fruits daily.

Healthy Fats: Avocados, olive oils, and nuts come highly recommended by nutritionists.

Whole Grains: Be sure to replace your refined grains with whole grains.

Lean Protein: Ensure to eat lean proteins such as fish and poultry meat.

Fried and Processed Food: Keep off entirely and also food high in fat and sugar.

  • Massage

Invest in a massaging tool designed to help in tightening the neck area. The device can help to burn some fat and may also stimulate collagen production. The tools effectively reduce the fat beneath your chin by increasing blood circulation, toning the facial muscles.

  • Wearing a Bandage

Besides relaxing and toning the muscle, the use of a bandage perfects your muscle fibres, as it smoothens the surface of the skin. Most people who have used the plaster give good reviews.

  • Black Clay Mask

It’s an effortless but valuable method of dealing with the excess fat underneath your chin at the comfort of your home. To get it working for you, make a mixture of three tablespoons of clay and warm water to make a mask; you can add a few drops of essential oil to avoid dry skin. Apply to your submental area once a week.

  • Injection Lipolysis

This procedure consists of the injection of a solution that absorbs fat cells. The process will drastically reduce your double chin. However, you have to receive the treatment multiple times for it to give optimal results. It’s advisable to consult with Kybella Los Angeles’ reputable and experienced professional on the best treatment for you.

  • Laser Lipolysis

Unlike the injection procedure, this non-invasive treatment uses heat energy from a laser beam to melt fat, contouring your skin. Both treatments are reasonably safe and painless, with minimal side effects such as bruising, swelling and pain, which clears within a few days.

  • Mesotherapy

This minimally invasive procedure is similar to injection lipolysis in that they both use injections solution on the area of the target. Your specialist uses deoxycholic acid, commonly known as Kybella, an injectable drug that helps your body absorb the fat cells. Depending on your treatment area, you’ll get multiple small injections of the FDA-approved deoxycholic acid to treat your double chin.

To prevent severe vein damage to your body, be sure a reputable and skilled plastic surgeon from Kybella Los Angeles performs the treatment. Potential side effects include; bruising, redness, numbness, pain, and swelling.

  • Coolsculpting

This non-invasive fat reduction procedure freezes your submental fat; once frozen, your body expels the dead fat cells over time. If you’re sensitive to cold temperatures, you’ll experience some discomfort. Potential side effects include; numbness, stinging, pain, and tingling sensation. However, they should subside in a few days.

  • Radio Frequency

Another excellent procedure to get rid of your excessive fat is near your chin. Your doctor uses radiofrequency to heat the area and profoundly infiltrates the skin. The treatment reduces the fatty tissue volume, stimulates the collagen, causing it to contract, disrupting stubborn fat cells. It also hastens cell generation, improving blood circulation.

In Conclusion: If you’re concerned about your double chin, be assured there are several ways to eliminate it. It’s imperative to maintain a healthy diet and exercise regularly. Some methods might not work for your specific case; consult with Kybella Los Angeles’ reputable plastic surgeons to find your best fit.