Regular auto maintenance is necessary to ensure that your car stays fully functional and to stop any issues in the future that might seriously affect both you and your car. Regular maintenance and getting your car an MOT when it’s due will help it stay in good running condition and catch any potential problems in the future.


This is a visual assessment of your vehicle; however, the garage is not permitted to remove or disrobe components. This makes it more difficult, yet not impossible, for the workshop to inform you that your automobile requires maintenance when it does not. Because the inspection requirements are thus specified by the government organisation DVSA, the MOT Test Leamington Spa is the same for other cars as well.

Every year after a car reaches the age of three years, it must be completely inspected to ensure it fulfils road safety as well as environmental regulations. An ‘MOT’ is the short form for a Ministry of Transport test. MOT testing is thus performed at authorised test facilities across the country, each of which is thereby identified by a blue sign with 3 white triangles. An MOT entails several examinations of your vehicle, including brakes, exhaust system, fuel system, lights, windscreen wipers, mirrors and seat belts.


Servicing isn’t a legal obligation, but instead a personal choice along with an MOT to identify any possible car faults and identify them before they are a serious problem. Servicing is necessary to ensure that your car remains efficient, safe, as well as fully functional. Your automobile will have frequent car inspections by a specialist every six months before or following an MOT, delivering the best possibility of safe and efficient driving throughout the year. Book a Car Service Leamington Spa for basic, interim or comprehensive servicing at Smart MOT & Service Centre.

The expert does a basic or interim service, which includes checking for obvious faults, topping up oil and fluid, and replacing filters. A comprehensive service usually includes disassembling and inspecting the brakes for a far more thorough inspection. When having your automobile maintained at a workshop, make sure to double-check which services are however provided, as services might vary and you could end up paying a lot of money for repairs you didn’t realise you required.

Driving Without an MOT is Possible?

If your car is older than three years, it is legally required to have an MOT once a year; however, your MOT centre is not required to tell you when your next test is. As a result, it is seriously suggested that you set a reminder.

Another piece of advice is to schedule your test ahead of time rather than waiting until the MOT is when scheduled to expire. If your car breaks down, you’ll have to make do without a car until it is completely fixed or re-tested. The optimal time to schedule an MOT test is one month before the test’s due date because the previous certificate can be however dated from that date. This indicates that you won’t miss any of the year’s valid days.

To respond to the inquiry, “Can you drive without an MOT?

“No, you can’t,” Only when travelling to a scheduled MOT appointment is it permissible to drive without an MOT.

Without an MOT, is Your Auto Insurance Still Valid?

Your car insurance would be void without a recent MOT. Driving without one puts you at risk of receiving a £1,000 fine and six to eight penalty points on your licence.

It’s crucial to keep in mind that you will be responsible for the costs if you have an accident without a current MOT certificate. More money will be probably spent on this claim than on the MOT test you failed.

Additionally, if you are anyway found guilty of operating a vehicle without a legal certificate, your insurance rates may increase when it comes time to renew.

Value of high-quality car service:

Increase the Life of Your Car: Regular maintenance increases the life of your car. It maintains excellent condition for all the parts. This indicates that the car is in good condition and has a lengthy lifespan.

Enhanced Safety: A car breakdown in the wee hours on a quiet road can be very risky. You never know what will happen when you’re stopped on a quiet road. Regular maintenance reduces the likelihood of a breakdown, and your car will be in great form to take you where you need to go. It’s crucial to maintain your tyres’ treads and air pressure to ensure stable driving. It also makes a big difference in how comfortable the journey is.