LinkedIn Automation Will Fail If You Do These 6 things


Do you use LinkedIn for lead generation? Are you successful with that?

Why it is that ‘A’ enjoys great visibility and lead generation opportunities ‘B’ is lagging and getting no advantage from LinkedIn?

Here is a fact for you all: It all depends on your practices, LinkedIn automation tools, and the approaches you adopt.

With more than 722 million prospects on this platform, it provides thousands of opportunities to have one-on-one conversations with the ideal prospects and build strong relationships with them that will eventually turn into great business opportunities for you.

Almost 49% of the B2B marketers, a great number of SaaS and other businesses are already using the best LinkedIn automation tools to directly reach out to people, connect with them and build strong business relationships, letting them know, like, and trust you so you can offer them your services.

What’s stopping you from generating leads?

While so many people are taking advantage of this professional platform, then why your lead generation efforts are lagging?

Well, this might because of the wrong activities or the approach that you adopt while using advanced LinkedIn automation tools.

Using the latest LinkedIn automation toolswithout any proper strategy or starting with wrong practices can hinder your progress as a successful lead generator and marketer.

6 Wrong Practices and How to Avoid Them

Let’s dive in to know what things you’re doing wrong so you can fix it and start generating leads like successful marketers.

1. Posting Irrelevant Content Without Proofreading

“Every week you should reach out and share VALUABLE content with Hot Prospects from your list to stay on top of their mind.” ~Melonie Dodaro (A Canadian social media expert)

Relevant and well-researched content on LinkedIn can totally turn the tables.

According to surveys, 94% of the B2B marketers use relevant content to attract their customers’ attention. A single piece of relevant and useful content reaches millions of prospects. Many successful marketers and businesses are already using advanced LinkedIn automation tools to spread their content fast.

Thus, it is important that marketers pay attention to their content marketing strategy and provide value to their ideal prospects.

Another thing that they should focus on is to post error-free, grammatically perfect, and professional content. Many marketers who don’t care about content, don’t act like a fool and focus on your content first.

2. Sending Connect Requests Without Any Limit

More the leads, more the opportunities for you.

But Remember: Not everyone on LinkedIn is your ideal prospect. A common mistake that most marketers commit is that they use free LinkedIn automation tools to prospect every profile that comes into the way.

Well, this tactic doesn’t work on LinkedIn, instead, you might go to LinkedIn jail for using LinkedIn automation tools and spamming people.

No doubt that the bestLinkedIn automation tools help to generate leads faster but you should know that moderation is the key to everything.

Narrow down your searches and one of the best ways to do that is by using top LinkedIn automation toolsthat come with advanced filters to help you reach the right and potential prospects.

3. Ignoring Messages

Expecting your prospects to reply to you within minutes while you ignore the incoming messages. How will this bring you leads?

When you start running campaigns on LinkedIn using the best LinkedIn automation tools, you need to be active because your inbox will fill with messages and you need to reply to them on time.

There are a number ofadvanced LinkedIn automation tools that come with the ‘Smart Inbox’ feature. Thebest LinkedIn automation tools will send you alerts when a prospect messages you or replies. You can answer them directly without logging into your LinkedIn account.

Marketing is all about networking and increasing brand awareness. If you don’t respond to your prospects on time, don’t even step into the marketing world.

4. Joining Irrelevant Groups

No doubt that LinkedIn marketing groups give a great opportunity to find relevant people and generate leads. The beauty of these groups is that you find people who have the same interests as you so there are more chances that they connect with you and become your potential clients in the future.

When you join groups, you can interact with relevant people, build strong relationships, and establish a great industrial reputation so people trust and buy from you when you offer relevant products and services.

Moreover, there are the bestLinkedIn automationtoolsthat have this feature to scrap details of the prospects that have interacted with. These LinkedIn automationtoolscan collect data of all the leads easily.

However, all this takes a downside if you select the wrongs or star posting promotional content. You might get banned from those groups or LinkedIn will restrict or ban you.

5. Don’t Endorse Skills Until You Witness Them

If you think that endorsing prospects’ skills will flatter them and they will buy your product or services, you are just daydreaming.

Social selling on LinkedIn means building relationships which is the requirement of modern marketing. Don’t waste your time flattering others and focus on the real relationship-building tasks.

6. Don’t Share Self-Promotional Content

How much do you hate when you receive, and call and a sales agent start singing the sales pitch? Quite irritating, right?

The same goes for your prospects. They hang up the calls or hush the salesperson from the door because modern-day marketing has changed.

Today, you need to find your target audience and provide them valuable and personalized content that they really want to read. You can use the latest LinkedIn automation tools to find your target audience.


When it comes to lead generation, LinkedIn is the first platform that strikes your mind. Don’t make LinkedIn lead generation a miserable process with wrong practices.

Choose perfect LinkedIn automation tools 2021, make a proper strategy, start slow and generate qualified leads like a successful marketer. Be smart enough to leverage the potential of this platform and LinkedIn automation tools instead of complaining that they don’t work for you.