Is Wheel Balance Different From Wheel Alignment?

Wheel Balance Different From Wheel Alignment

Everything About Wheel Balancing Or Wheel Alignment

Do you think balancing or alignment is the same thing? If yes, you have mistaken. Tyre balancing and wheel alignment are different from each other. Indeed, your tyres require routine to balance and align. You might be wondering how a wheel alignment and tyre balancing might benefit you and your car. We shall explain the distinction between tyre balance and wheel alignment in more detail below.

Properly aligned wheels offer you a smooth, safe, stable and vibration-free ride. Another side, Wheel balancing is the process of correcting any weight inequalities of wheel combinations. Do you feel weight inequalities? go for Wheel Balancing Northampton in such a case.

About wheel balancing and signs of improper wheel balancing

The unbalanced load in the wheels gets corrected via wheel balancing. Vibration, tyre wear, suspension wear, and other issues might result from unbalanced wheels. Your wheels and tyres get put onto a tyre balancing device during a tyre balance procedure. For a technician to accurately install the right tyre weights and establish a correctly balanced wheel and tyre assembly, the machine rotates the tyre and wheel set-up to detect asymmetry.


Irregular tyre wear and shaking seats while driving and vibration in the floorboard or steering wheel are signs that your tyres need balancing. Additionally, you might wish to get your tyres balanced as part of routine maintenance, following a flat tyre repair, or when you go for the tyre rotation. It’s worth noting that the area of your automobile that shakes might reveal either the front or rear wheels need wheel balancing service. For example; if your steering wheel is shaking, there can be issues with the front wheels. And if seats are vibrating, rear wheels need wheel balancing service.

Let’s now look at the different causes of imbalanced wheels. Irregular tyre wear or the reduction of a wheel weight from a rim hitting potholes or other obstacles can force wheels to get out of balance. Apart from that, not using your car for a long time leads to a flat tyre or imbalanced wheels.

About wheel alignment and signs of improper wheel alignment

An adjustment of an automobile’s suspension, which is the mechanism that joins the car to its wheels, refers to as wheel alignment. It doesn’t involve changing the wheels or tyres themselves. Your automobile won’t swerve to the right or left if it is properly aligned. Additionally, it can make your car handle better and put an end to strange sensations on the ground.


The major sign of improper wheel alignment is; your car is pulling to one side. Early or irregular wear is occurring in the tyre treads. The tyres are making noise. At the time of driving, the steering wheel leans slightly out of the centre. Acceleration causes the steering wheel to tremble. The reason for getting misaligned wheels is; when your car meets an accident, hits a pothole, or slams into a curb.

Are your car’s balance and alignment problems showing any signs? Don’t let them stop your momentum. Unsafe riding conditions occur due to unbalanced or misaligned wheels. By correcting the damage to your automobile, you can make sure that your family and friends are safe while riding in it with you.

Benefits of having proper wheel balance and alignment

Wheel balancing: you will experience a smoother ride, extend your car tyre age, improve mileage, protect suspension and have less stress placed on the engine. With proper wheel balancing, you will experience a safer ride.

Wheel alignment: Properly aligned wheels offer you so many benefits including; a smooth and comfortable ride, lesser tyre wear rate, improved fuel efficiency, and better steering control. Properly aligned wheels also save other car parts from wear including suspension, wheels, etc.

The right time to go for wheel balancing and alignment

You should routinely get your balance and alignment checked every 4000-5000 miles as well as each time you switch to a new set of tyres. But hurry up and finish it. Ensure you go to a recognised tyre fitting facility that specialises in every facet of tyre performance and upkeep. Besides that, wheel balancing and alignment are not a part of MOT, however, they need to be in fine condition since tyres and wheels go through a check under an MOT test. Ensure that you have proper balanced and aligned wheels and then go for MOT Northampton.