Important Things to Consider for Bathroom Renovations in Brisbane

Are you thinking to remodel your bathroom but want to collect additional details? If yes, you should approach the experts offering bathroom renovations in Brisbane. You should keep in mind that the bathroom is a commonly renovated and a frequently used space in a property. Thus, to renovate or remodel it successfully, it is essential for you to consider a few of the important things, as we have shared in our blog post.

  • Analyze the Reasons to Renovate Your Bathroom
  • You may need to undergo bathroom renovations in Brisbane based on following prime reasons-
  • The bathroom layout fails to make ultimate use of its available space
  • Your requirements have changed and hence, you may need a bathtub instead of accumulating higher number of storages.
  • You are aiming to enhance the resale value of your property

Regardless of your motivation level to remodel the bathroom, renovation is a huge undertaking. Thus, you should stay fully prepared and have a proper understanding of the complete process before your commencement.

Determine the Bathroom Requirements

You should start the procedure related bathroom renovations in Brisbane by collecting the points, which you want to change in your bathroom. You should also note the things you like and you dislike about the existing bathroom layout and its aesthetic. This step helps you in deciding whether your bathroom simply requires a cosmetic refresh or a complete renovation. Also, you should do research work and check appealing bathroom styles available over the internet.

Calculate the Budget related to Your Bathroom Renovation

You should make sure to be realistic while determining the budget of your bathroom renovation. For this, you have to focus on your property’s value and choose a budget, which may reflect the value and quality of your home as well as its specific location. In general, the cost associated with bathroom renovation may range from 3000dollars and goes upward of about 20,000 dollars depending on the materials used, size and quality of its finishes. Even though you may think about reducing your budget, but do not forget including the following major costs-

  • Vanity tops, stone and tiles, along with other similar types of finishes and materials
  • Fittings and fixtures, such as basin, tapware, shower, vanity, bath, waste grate, door hardware, toilet roll holder and toilet rail and so on
  • Ventilation and lighting systems
  • Storage accessories, bath matt, towels, mirror, plants and soap dispensers
  • Tiling, painting, cabinetry and plumbing related labor costs

Layout and Design of Your Bathroom

You should make sure to analyze the layout of your bathroom, as it helps you in determining the right size and understand the required space across your toilet or bath and so on. You should never forget considering the specific location of your bathroom fittings, such as toilet roll holders and toilet rails. This makes sure that each of the fittings remain within your hand reach. This rule is also applicable towards the direction of shower’s door swing and should approach the taps in a simple and easy way.

Materials, Fixtures and Finishes of Your Bathroom

You should check your bathroom’s layout to decide its focal point. For instance, if you see the first thing while walking in the bathroom is vanity, you should think about investing a relatively high amount in the respective piece or get a beautiful mirror and a tap to create a lasting statement. Before you should view the fittings and fixtures present in your bathroom’s showroom, you should check the waterflow at your home. You should ask your design assistant about the hydro pressure to look for fittings, which suite perfectly with the specific requirements of your property.