Importance of MOT


If you own a car or any other type of vehicle, you are aware that it must undergo an MOT inspection once a year. This is true for a wide range of vehicle types, including automobiles, motorbikes, and cargo trucks. The MOT Stoke On Trent test, sometimes referred to as the Ministry of Transport exam, verifies that automobiles are roadworthy and safe to operate.

The MOT test was initially established in the 1960s, and over its existence, it has undergone several expansions. The test comprises many inspections of the vehicle’s paintwork, suspension, lighting, and brakes. In order to avoid accidents and breakdowns, make sure that your automobile is roadworthy and secure to operate.

What Is An MOT?

Once a vehicle reaches the age of three, it must go through a MOT test once a year to make sure it complies with environmental and road safety regulations. You may get your vehicle’s MOT test performed at one of the 21,000 authorised test centres spread all over the nation (just look for the official blue sign with the three white triangles).

Your automobile will go through a variety of inspections during a MOT test to ensure that it is safe to drive. To make sure everything is in working order so you can keep driving on the highways, these inspections vary from checking your brakes to looking at the exhaust system. You must leave your car at the test location since the test typically lasts 45 to 60 minutes.

What Are The Most Frequent Causes Of MOT Test Failures For Automobiles That May Be Easily Avoided?

The majority of the time, minor issues or flaws that the car owner might have easily fixed beforehand cause a vehicle to fail its MOT. Some of the most frequent causes for automobiles to fail an MOT include:

Not Enough Screen Wash

It just takes a few minutes to top off your car’s screen wash, but neglecting to do so might affect the outcome of your MOT test. Before your next MOT test, top off your screen wash.

Problems With The License Plate

Numerous concerns with registration plates, such as unclean plates or plates with the wrong typeface or spacing, might interfere with your MOT. Many individuals like having individualized license plates; nevertheless, it’s crucial to ensure that your individualized plate complies with the DVLA’s standards and abides by the law.

Lit-Up Dashboard Warning Light

A lit-up warning notice on your dashboard is one way to fail an MOT test when you show up for it. Before your vehicle’s MOT, be sure you understand what each warning light on your dashboard signifies. If any of your lights are on, be sure you fix the problem before the MOT!

Obstruction Of The Driver’s View By Stickers

Make sure anything you need to attach to the windscreen, such a parking permit, is entirely beyond the wiper’s sweep area.

Be careful to fix all of the aforementioned problems before your MOT test since, believe it or not, these are some of the most basic yet frequent causes of MOT failures.

The MOT Center Checklist

Keep in mind that a MOT does not cover or test the engine, clutch, or gearbox.

The body, structural integrity of the vehicle, and other basic components will get evaluated to make sure there are no sharp edges or signs of severe rust or damage that might injure someone.

The exhaust system is also checked for safety, completeness, and condition; this includes making sure there are no leaks and that it isn’t excessively noisy.

The gasoline system will get examined to ensure that there are no leaks, that the fuel cap fastens and seals tightly, and that the pipes are stable and in excellent shape.

Seatbelts will also examine to make sure they are fit for the vehicle, in excellent shape, and functioning correctly.

The air bags, seatbelt pretensioners, and seatbelt load limiters will all get examined, as well as any dashboard warning lights or failure indicator lamps.

During a MOT test, the seats, doors, mirrors, load security, licence plates, lights, bonnet, wipers and washers, windshield, horn, steering, and suspension are also carefully checked and inspected.

What Happens If My Car’s MOT Is Unsuccessful?

If your vehicle fails its MOT, the test center will issue you a VT30 Certificate, which will list the reasons why it failed.

You won’t be able to drive your automobile off the lot that day if it has a serious flaw. Instead, you’ll need to choose a reputable garage to handle the required repairs. The garage where you had your MOT test will, more often than not, be able to handle the repairs for you, but if you want to be sure you’re getting the greatest value for your money, it can be worthwhile to compare prices for MOT repairs in your area.

You can drive your car to get the problems fixed and to a scheduled MOT Stoke On Trent even if your MOT has expired and it is still safe to drive. Under any other circumstances, driving without a MOT can result in a £2,500 fine, a driving prohibition, and three points on your licence.