How to Lead a Team of People?

How to Lead a Team of People?

“A good leader takes a little more than his share of the blame, a little less than his share of the credit” said Arnold H. Glasow.

Well, leading a team is an art and not everyone can achieve that art. Leading a team is only means that you have to tell people what to do and when to do it, it requires more greater traits such as vision, charisma, and character. To successfully lead a team, you must make sure to keep your employees motivated which will help them to stay focused and determined at the workplace. When the employees are motivated then it will also help in increasing productivity and engagement in the office. Good leader knows how to keep their people active and passionate in their work and they encourage them to work in collaboration to achieve better results.

Here are some ways to lead a team of people:

Take time to lead:

To be effective, the team leader must invest time in the role. Too often, those responsibilities are simply added to someone’s already long to-do list, leaving the new leader a flop.

As a team leader, you need to be visible and available to the team to support them. Part of your new leadership role is to foster a positive work and community environment.

Get to know your team:

Leadership is about how you influence your team to achieve their goals. This is something you struggle with unless you know your team members and what drives them to deal with them. While it may be tempting to jump in and make big strides from day one, remember that you’re not there to flex your ego.

Take time to listen to your team members; Find out what their problems and desires are, brainstorm, and identify potential strengths and weaknesses. This is the only way you can formulate a leadership approach that has a chance of success.

Communicate, communicate, communicate:

Once your team is up and running, you must maintain communication to build relationships, assess progress, and identify risks and issues. This is especially useful when managing remote teams, where employees can be broken into small work bubbles. When new team leaders communicate frequently and effectively, they often find more engagement than the team. That’s because they see you investing time in them.

Ongoing communication can also improve the types of conversations you have with your team.

Lead by example:

Think about the behavior you want and expect from your team members. Remember to show these qualities yourself. As a team leader, you are a role model. So, what you say and do affect teamwork habits and attitudes. That means it’s important to be yourself and believe in yourself. If you fake it, you will be exposed immediately and you will lose trust and confidence.

Be open, honest, and passionate. Treat everyone on your team fairly, respectfully, and without favoritism, and you’ll see that behavior come back. One of the best examples of a successful business leader is Bardya Ziaian, President and CEO of SITTU Group Inc. Bardya Ziaian has been elected a member of IIROC Ontario District; he served for 2 years from 2012 to 2014, contributing to the regulatory world. He was a Director at Neo Exchange from 2015 until 2018.