How Mobile Repair Experts Deal With Critical Damaged Phone

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Mobile repairing services are increasing day by day. The reason is simple and most of you might aware of it that if you use plenty of phones in a home. Then problems are very common. And there are there two types of problem we journal see in our mobile phones. First when the mobile phone has a very common problem. These types of problems such screen glass break, hanging problems,s, and many others. These problems could be fixed easily, within 5 or 10 minutes a mobile repair technician fix the problem. But in this article, we will try to explain to you about serious issues or damages to a mobile phone. A problem that stops you to even switch your phone.

In Which Point A Mobile Repair Technician Finds Critical Problem

Basically, if the problem is not simple, then a mobile repair technician opens a phone carefully. And check the voltage of a battery. And in case they find that it is not touching the exceeding limit of voltage which is 3.7 or 3.8. And the tool every mobile repair expert uses for it is the multimeter. Basically, every mobile repair expert figures out a dead problem in the same manner. Because using this trick they can easily find out either they have to work more on it not. 

What is the next step if the phone is still dead: 

After checking the simple thing which is the voltage condition of the bettery, you have to dig more and more deeply into the problem. Now here you have to check the better connector. And find out there is any short circuit or not. The short circuit in the battery connector means They have to check the three pins, left side pins of the battery as well as right side pins. Now with the help of multimeter continuity as well as checking beep sound experts try to find out either it is a short circuit in the battery or not.

Take the help of other effective tools: 

Find a problem in a dead phone is not an easy process. Once you find that you have already taken few important steps and still not satisfied with the problem. Then you find something better than that. Now you can use the external power supply and for that, you have to take the help of a machine which is also known as a DC testing machine. With the help of this DC machine, we can give an adequate power supply to the phone. And we can check the phone to

give the power supply to the phone. Now set the voltage which is given in the battery that is three-point seven or three-point eight.


After doing all that stuff you find some solution that can easily justify your efforts to fix a mobile phone. In this whole process, a mobile repair technician might take some time. But in the end, your phone will be in working condition. And that is how many mobile repair services deal with the problem. And if you are finding someone who can provide you doorstep mobile repair services Indirapuram then you can visit our website. If you live in this location then you can visit our mobile repair shop in Indirapuram Aditya Mall Gaziabad. And we can ensure you that within 1 or 2 hours we can fix your dead phone. As well as if you want mobile repair services at home then you for that you can contact us and we can repair your phone at your home. So contact us now if you want quick mobile repair services.


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