11 Best Outdoor Party Tent Decorating Ideas


You can use an event tent as a customizable venue and the guests will feel very happy if you host a party in a tent. An event tent is a very good option for hosting indoor as well as outdoor events. We can consider this venue as versatile. Now I am going to tell you 11 best outdoor party tent decorating ideas.

1.Draping of the fabric – The curtains that swoop can be used for creating grand entrances, the poles of the tent can be wrapped by tulle and you can have a look that is whimsical and swooping. All this is possible if on the ceiling you do draping. The event tent will look elegant and classic if you will add fabric to it.

2.Plants and trees – Palm trees can be used for tropical parties and potted plants can be used for gardenscapes. In this way small evergreens can help in creating a wonderland for the winter season. In the event tent you can add trees and plants and this option is very good. However, if you will use flowers in your venue then these will not last long.

3.A décor present in the hanging state – By taking string lights, green garlands, professional lighting, ornate lanterns and chandeliers at rent you can get a look of hanging décor type. If you will use these in your event tent then the guest can have so much room available for them because these do not occupy the area there.

4.Centerpieces that are over the top – In order to grab the attention of the guests, frames, ornate lanterns and tall candelabras that are used in large centerpieces need to be used in the complete venue for decoration purposes. In your outdoor event, it adds flare and drama.

5.Furniture and Vintage Rugs – If you will use vintage pieces then these will be liked by the people for a longer period of time. In order to have an eclectic feel in your venue, scattering rugs of different types will be a good idea and along with this creating a very good lounge area will look nice. By using small couches and chairs in your event tent you can give a feeling of home to the guests.

6.Signs that are customized – If you want to have a custom sign then you can use metal logos that are pounded, glass greetings that are etched, newly married couple’s glowing neon initials and seating charts made of rustic wood.

7.Structures that are decorated – You can use string lights, tulle yards, installations of large floral type, green garlands surrounding the venue frames and central poles for the purpose of decoration. If it matches with your theme then your event tent will look very good.

8.An Entryway that is Dramatic – If you are interested in setting your guests’ mood then you can use fun lighting, beautiful draping, flowers’ arch at the entry of your event tent which you can host at the backyard. In this way you can make its entryway dramatic.

9.Using projectors – By using a projector at the venue you can display logos as well as a snowy environment and in that environment you can dance. This idea of decorating a venue is the lofty one.

10.Walls of flowers – Depending on the amount of money that you have you can hire a professional florist who will decorate the walls with flowers. By standing in front of these walls the attendees will take interest in taking pics. When in your tent event you will include flower walls then it will work very well in springtime events and backdrops of wedding photos.

11.Chandeliers full of greenery – In order to host a whimsical and classy event the chandeliers having a garland draping of eucalyptus can serve the purpose. You can add green draping in your event tent on the basis of your budget. On Pinterest and Instagram, you can easily find these good-looking chandeliers full of greenery. This greenery will definitely be liked by the guests at the venue.

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