Should You Use Summer Tyres or All Seasonal Tyres in Hot Weather?

Summer Tyres

Seasonal tyres show high grade performance in different seasons. Therefore, a lot of drivers prefer these categories of tyres for safe car driving.

It is easy to choose suitable tyre types from winter and summer tyres since they have visible differences. But, all season tyres are suitable for varied seasonal conditions. Therefore, car drivers feel confused when they have to choose suitable seasonal tyres. In this blog, we will compare the features of Summer Tyres Coventry and all season tyres.

All season tyres attract car driver since they may use them year round. But, when it is just the start of the warmer months, it is not necessary that all season tyres perform at the peak level. Extreme heat would not support all season tyres since they have some features that are similar to winter tyres.

Winter tyres will wear out quickly in the summer months. Therefore, if you use the same logic, things will not go in favour of all season tyres in the summer months.

Therefore, you have to learn more about summer tyres and all season tyres to make a good decision.

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What are Summer Tyres?

Summer tyres are suitable for hot months. They can bear the summer heat with their special rubber compound. Generally, summer heat starts to melt the rubber of tyres. As a result, tyre rubber becomes soft and it is easily available for degradation.

The rubber compound of summer tyres is free of these effects of summer heat. They can withstand the summer heat well to maintain proper grip and traction on hot road surfaces.

Sumer tyres come with fewer sipes or smaller blocks to increase the contact area. They make proper contact with the road surface due to the optimum contact patch.

Common Differences Between Summer And All Season Tyres

Summer tyres are exceptional performers in the summer season. Their rubber material would not experience degradation due to the summer heat. However, the summer heat is not only the factors that help us determine suitable tyres.

All-season tyres help car drivers to drive their vehicle on a wet roads. However, summer tyres are extremely efficient on wet road surfaces due to their exceptional water dispersing ability. Therefore, car drivers prefer summer tyres for wet conditions to prevent their vehicles from hydroplaning.

Are Summer Tyres Helpful Throughout The Year?

It is obvious that summer tyres are very effective in the summer season. They are efficient performers in hot months since they have suitable features. But they are not very effective in cold conditions.

Therefore, experts are not in favour of using summer tyres in winter months. If you ignore the recommendations and use summer tyres on cold roads, you will soon witness the reduced performance of your tyres.

Moreover, summer tyres come with harder rubber compounds to withstand the summer conditions. If you use them in winter months, the rubber compound will become extremely hard to affect the level of grip and traction.

Additionally, the tread pattern of summer tyres is not suitable for winter roads. Therefore, you will experience more tread wear in summer tyres if you use them on cold road surfaces.

If you want a set of tyres that support you year round, you have to look for all season tyres. The tread depth and tread design of all season tyres is suitable for both cold and hot weather.

Pros and Cons of Summer Tyres:

Summer tyres provide better traction on roads due to a larger contact area. Moreover, they come with a special rubber compound that prevents the tyres from tread wear. Summer tyres are very efficient in the rainy season as well to save you from hydroplaning.

There are no negative effects if you use summer tyres in hot weather. You can use this fact as a negative trait that you have to use these tyres only in summer months. They will provide limited performance in cold months.

Pros and Cons of All Season Tyres:

All season tyres come with mixed features that support them in both cold and hot months. Moreover, all season tyres come with thicker tread construction. Therefore, the tyres are the most durable type among seasonal tyres.

If we talk about the pros, you can use these tyres only in moderate weather. They are not for harsh warm or cold conditions. Therefore, use these tyres wisely after looking at the weather conditions of your place.

If you are sure that your place will never experience severe weather conditions, you can consider all-season type when you Buy Tyres Coventry for your vehicle. Never forget that you have to buy expert tyres for harsh conditions.