Set Your Goals & Profiles Before Running an Automated LinkedIn Outreach Campaign


When it comes to generating leads, LinkedIn comes on top of social media platforms. Running an outreach campaign on LinkedIn is the most reliable and effective way of finding and generating leads but only if it’s done well. And when you throw LinkedIn automation in the process, the whole process becomes much more advanced, efficient, and convenient.

Running an automated LinkedIn outreach campaign is nothing new. B2B marketers and businesses have been doing it for a while now. That’s because advanced LinkedIn automation has uplifted their lead generation game.

As anyone involved in B2B sales would know that even if you have set up a good campaign, anything can fall by the wayside anytime. That’s why it is important to set your goals and objectives before you use the latest LinkedIn automation tools to run a campaign.

Why Do You Need to Set Goals for a LinkedIn Automation Campaign?

Some users are simply eager to use LinkedIn automation to run campaigns because they believe these tools would do some magic and they’d hit a jackpot over the night.

They don’t set any goals or take any necessary steps before starting and then complain about campaign failure.

Why setting objectives is important

Streamline Workflows

When you set your goals for a LinkedIn automation campaign and discuss them with the team, everyone gets on the same page and works in the same direction.

Gives a Clear Vision

When you set objectives, they give you measurable visits to your efforts. You know what steps to take while the campaign is running.

Gives measurable success

When you have specific goals in place, it’s easy to find out if your campaign is successful or not.

How to set Campaign goals?

Now that you know why setting goals is important, you need to know how to set them. Though it entirely depends on your business model and what things you want to achieve.

As we are talking about successful LinkedIn automated campaigns, let’s look at common types of campaigns:

1. LinkedIn Outreach Campaign

This type of campaign is focused on searching for the best prospects and collecting data about them. A suitable goal would be to extract the list of ideal leads.

2. Build Brand Awareness

To increase traffic towards your business, you need to focus on attracting qualified leads. Your goals would be to establish your repute.

3. LinkedIn Lead Generation

To make more sales, you need to focus on attracting new prospects. Your goal would be enlarging your network and using personalized approaches to move them down the sales funnel.

Based on your goals, you can run any type of campaign using the best LinkedIn automation tools.

Following are some points to create a clear strategy:

1. Be clear about your goals

As we have seen above, there are multiple reasons businesses run campaigns using LinkedIn automation tools.

Keep your goals firmly in mind and think about what elements you need to add to your campaign to get the desired results.

2. Do some research about the audience

The success of your campaign is directly related to how well you know your audience. So, when creating a map of your goals, make sure you have researched your target audience.

You can make a good strategy without defining and understanding your audience. Thus, make sure you never skip this point.

3. Always calculate your results

Of course, when running a lead generation campaign, it’s important to make sure that you’re hitting the right numbers. This is where you need all the campaign metrics and analytics. For that, you can take the help of the top LinkedIn automation tools 2021 as they come with the advanced dashboard. You will get all the lead data and details at once which you can analyze and make a more informed decision.

Remember: Keep an eye on the data because, without it, you won’t be able to understand where your campaign is going.

Moreover, if you want your campaign to be successful, you also need to work on your profile.

1. Add a good profile picture

The first impression is the last impression.

This is an old phrase but still rings true, especially when it comes to LinkedIn lead generation. Before you start using a LinkedIn automation tool to send hundreds of connect requests, make sure you have added a professional picture that looks attractive and trustworthy.

Don’t add fuzzy, blurry, or unprofessional pictures otherwise, your prospects would reject you right away.

2. Add a summary

To give a good impression, you need to add relevant details about yourself, your industry, your goals, visions, and more. The purpose is that when you use LinkedIn automation tools to visit prospects, they will visit you back and your profile must have some information about you.

No one is going to trust a profile that doesn’t have enough details. Also, add a relevant headline because that’s what appears right below your name when someone searches for you.

Note: Add relevant keywords in your headline and summary because just like you use LinkedIn automation tools to find potential leads, they are also looking for reliable vendors.

If you don’t use keywords, your profile won’t show up in LinkedIn searches and you might miss out on hundreds of opportunities.


Running a LinkedIn campaign is no big deal but ensuring it’s a successful one is definitely a challenge.

All the B2B marketers and businesses who run successful campaigns pay the most attention to their goals and create a roadmap of strategies.

You can’t run a campaign blindly and then expect the best outcomes out of it.

Here is a quick breakdown of the things that you need to do to make your LinkedIn automation campaign successful:

1. Research your target market and audience.

2. Use the best LinkedIn automation tools that have all the relevant features.

3. Create the right sequence while setting up the campaign.

So, are you ready to launch a successful LinkedIn automation campaign? Start using LinkedCamp and generate 10x more leads on LinkedIn.