Reasons to not skip pre-treatment for DTG printing

pre-treatment for DTG printing

Ask any t-shirt printing business owners about their least favorite parts of DTG printing, the most common answer is likely to be the ‘Pre-treating the garments.’ However, the fact is that pre-treatment is the most important part of achieving desired results with DTG printers. TO help understand better concept of the pretreatment machines in the DTG printing, we bring to you the reasons why it is an important part of the entire process.

Print on More Fabrics

As a business owner, you would want to produce more numbers of printed t-shirts for the orders and complete them as soon as possible. While it may seem lucrative to skip the pre-treat part, but one interesting thing here is that pre-treating the garments can actually help you print more fabrics in less time. Whether printing on white or colored fabrics, pretreating machines allow the DTG inks to be able to get observed into the fabrics more efficiently. If you are not pre-treating the garments, the ink is likely to get absorbed by the garment, which means the print lasts longer and the quality remains the same for longer.

Save on Printing Process

Does the idea of saving some more money on every printed t-shirt seems like lucrative to you? Well, if your answer is ‘Yes’, then there is no reason you can skip this pre-treat part during the process. if you ask how, well pre-treating the fabrics can actually helps you save on the DTG inks cost as the ink doesn’t get absorbed into the fabric, which means you use less ink per print. So, automatically your ink costs drop. When the fabrics are pre-treated for every print, the amount of DTG inks required each print gets reduced.

Boost Shirt Quality

The best part that your customers may be interested is the quality when buying printed products from you. And when you are using a good pretreatment machine and DTG printers, you can ensure the same with every product being delivered. If you incorporate the pre-treatment solution for every printing product, there is going to be a very clear line where ink is able to react, resulting in increased quality of the prints. Additionally, the print on the fabric is able to withstand more numbers of washes. If not pretreating the fabric, there are more chances that the customers will see the shirt with faded colors as soon as they wash it.

Final words

For many business owners, the process of pre-treatment can seem like lengthy and costly, but the fact is just opposite to what it looks like. Pre-treatmet machines are affordable and it can be also done with hands using the affordable and budget spray machines. All you have to do is to get the best one for you to ensure the pre-treatment solution is sprayed evenly throughout the fabric.

So, if you aim to increase the quality of your printed t-shirts, make sure to not skip this part as it can breathe life to your fabrics.