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Luxury Tile Collection

The architecture and design studio has created the ephemeral Visions collection of exclusive wall models. one of the leading manufacturers of Porecelain tiles. Founded by renowned architects San and Vanessa, the studio not only works in the field of building design, it is incredibly original and extravagantly reinvents feminine accessories, considering them as architectural miniatures, in which traditional textiles are combined with such building materials in the most harmonious way. such as glass and ceramic mosaics.

The uniqueness of the ephemeral visions collection lies in the application of various optical effects that open when approaching the ceramic tile and change according to the angle of incidence of the light. The tiles in this series form the so-called “fleeting visions”, it seems that it lives its own life.

The decorations in the collection significantly broaden the spectrum of sensations generated by ceramics, affecting not only sight but also touch. As a result, a tile surface becomes mobile due to a number of variables. Interacting with the different senses of the user, it provides an unforgettable play of lights, shapes, and shadows. Every time you have the impression that you have a completely different material in front of you. It should be noted that this sensation is achieved through temporary optical illusions.

The innovative ephemeral visions collection includes three series: Folding Elements and Identity.


When creating the FOLDING ELEMENTS line, Design assumed that ceramic tiles are often laid on the surface in one piece, for years until they need to be replaced.

To solve the lack of dynamism from an aesthetic point of view, the formation of folds was chosen, creating a surface in relief, as well as a double effect based on the interplay of color and texture patterns that occurs as the viewer approaches. The folds with their multiple repetition form a volumetric surface, where the light and shadow areas are perceived alternately.

Based on this principle, four models of the Folding Elements series were created: Folding Gold, Folding Silver, Folding Flowers and Folding Roses. Each model affects the viewer based on its location: perception not only changes the color and texture, but even the shape of the object.

Folding flowers is made in a romantic style. On one side of the folds, there is a floral drawing “under the watercolor technique”, and on the other, the parallel planes of the folds are decorated with a printed letter, matching the delicate colors.

As a continuation of the previous series, the Folding Roses model is presented with a continuous pattern of roses on a solid background, stylized as an oil painting technique. The texture of the surface creates the necessary contrast: soft folds on one side and relief, covered with points of transparent glass, on the other.

The foldable Gold elements are decorated with a gold-colored metallic coating, which is applied by vacuum spraying. The smooth glossy finish on one side of the other side is beautifully enhanced by a mass of clear glass with a rough, matte effect.

The Folding Silver is a vacuum sprayed model with a metallic silver finish. One side of the pleats with a smooth and shiny surface is complemented by the other, with a matte roughness made of transparent glass mass.


Identity Glass uses thermoformed, pre-melted glass, which reproduces the “antique mirror” technique often used in interior design. With this technique, materials such as gold, silver, copper, cobalt and nickel can be applied to the surface of the glass, at the same time that they combine to make the decorative element play with almost all the shades of the rainbow.

Through manual work through a complex process, it is possible to achieve the maximum interaction of metals. The richest palette of shades is created, which is possible only through the use of such technology. This production method requires greater concentration and precision, making each piece a true masterpiece. It’s safe to say that any tile-lined wall piece from the Ephemeral Visions collection will be one of a kind.