List Of Top 5 Ice hotel in Iceland

We have been going to Iceland sooner or later in the destiny and i without a doubt desired to go to an Ice hotel whilst we had been there. But, despite the fact that ‘Iceland Ice hotel‘ comes up as well searched in Google, whilst you try and locate one your seek will be fruitless.

Surprised? We definitely have been. So, although Iceland’s name indicates it is the land of ice, a real Iceland Ice hotel does not now exist. The clue is inside the well-known phrase – Iceland is the land of hearth and ice. Be aware of the word ‘hearth’.

There are some motives as to why you gained at discover an Ice hotel in Iceland:

  • Iceland no longer has a big quantity of frozen ice from which to build an ice lodge. The elements of Iceland which might be frozen are inaccessible.
  • Further, the main vacationer areas are in the ‘Golden Circle’ place of Iceland – recognised for its hot springs and geysers. Glaringly not the perfect situations for an Iceland Ice hotel.
  • Furthermore, around sixty four% of Iceland’s population lives close to the u . S .’s capital town, Reykjavik, in the south-west of Iceland. Consequently constructing an ice hotel in Iceland might neither be practical or worthwhile

Wintry weather is starting to show up in the forecast, so why no longer make the most of the season and live in an ice inn for an experience you’ll by no means overlook? We’ve selected some of the coolest lodges (pun intended) that every one provides a unique enjoy, plus all the comforts you’d assume from a high-priced hotel, however with the added plus that the whole motel is made of ice!

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However, did it freeze in an ice hotel?

We pay attention to you, and it’s a truthful assumption to make, but every one of those hotels go out of their way to ensure you’re secure. Suppose snoozing baggage made from excessive-tech thermal blankets, saunas, campfires, and hot chocolate to hold your heat inside. Although, it’s important to get dressed warm, bring layers and thermals, and attempt to opt for fabric that allows your pores and skin to respire. Have an oil-based cream prepared for your face and a few lip-balms, a heat hat, and plenty of thick, woolen socks.

A way to book an ice motel?

We recommend spending numerous nights in a heat room and simply e-book one night time in an ice room, perhaps your first or final night. Ice accommodations book up quite speedy so it’s key to book in advance and mess around with dates. You’re maximum probable to discover a room in quieter times, including January, March, and April. Most ice hotels are most effectively open from December until mid-April, but additionally numerous these hotels have permanent furnishings which you can also want to live in, which include glass igloos in which you may appear up at the Northern lighting.

Travelling AN ICE lodge

Even due to the fact that looking at Joanna Lumley documenting her Ice hotel enjoy approximately ten years in the past, slumbering in an ice hotel has been excessive on my bucket list. The enjoyment appeared exciting, adventurous and magical and one that became up there on the listing at the side of locating the Northern lighting fixtures.

Take a peek at her documentary that stimulated my dream to follow healthy. (skip to four mins 53 seconds for the Ice inn part of the documentary).


So, with our hopes of traveling to an Iceland Ice inn inside the destiny dashed, we began researching our other alternatives. We determined the 365 Ice hotel in Sweden.

We were going to be using Sweden on our journey to France from Norway. And, even though it wasn’t winter, that didn’t count because the 365 Ice hotel is open all year round. It’s far kept at -five stages 12 months-spherical, so any time you visit Sweden, you can tick off an ‘Ice hotel live’ from your bucket listing.

World FIRST 365 ICE lodge

The Swedish Ice lodge sits 200 kilometres north of the Arctic Circle, in the small village of Jukkasjärvi. It firstly opened in 1989 with a seasonal inn, one that is entirely built for the wintry weather season and then melts in spring.

However, in 2017, similarly to this, it additionally opened the new 365 Ice lodge. The 365 is open all year round and is the primary everlasting ice inn inside the world. Consequently, if you visit in the months December to March, you’ll have a preference to stay in either the Seasonal or the 365 Ice hotel.

So, in case you are dissatisfied that there’s no ice motel in Iceland, then you may instead have a good time that there is an ice hotel in Scandinavia that you may go to at any time of the year. And what an enjoyable mile it’s. One as a way to fulfill any Ice inn revel in cravings you could have and greater.