LinkedIn Networking — 5 Ways You Can Expand Your LinkedIn Network Like a Pro

LinkedIn was fundamentally designed to let professionals connect with each other and build relevant and meaningful networks. Different users use different means to expand their network; some use LinkedIn automation tools while others prefer to do it manually.

Networking on LinkedIn is not a straight path It can be confusing for many users as they don’t know:

  • How to search for the right profiles to connect with?
  • How to communicate with them to build relationships without sounding sales-y?
  • How to write a perfect connect note that will get you a response?

But don’t worry! In this blog, we’ll guide you on how you can network on LinkedIn like a pro and how to use LinkedIn automation to build a network of useful leads with less effort.

Why LinkedIn is Great For Networking

With more than 760 million users, this platform has users from 150+ industries around the world. A single-run campaign can connect you with 12% of the world population. In short, whether you’re a B2B marketer or a salesperson who needs leads, it all starts with networking on LinkedIn. If done right, this platform can provide you with tons of new business opportunities.

So, let’s look at some of the most useful networking tactics to network effectively on LinkedIn.

Advanced Networking Tactics for LinkedIn

1. Send Relevant Connect Requests

Do you want to get in touch with someone on LinkedIn? A simple and direct way is to send a connection request. All you have to do is to press the “connect” button. When you press the button, you’ll also need to add a personalized note.

Most of the people just send default messages and then complain about not getting a good acceptance rate. Well, prospects no longer like default or templated messages so they reject your connection requests right away.

Now if you’re wondering how to send thousands of connect requests manually, especially when LinkedIn has also put invite restrictions, a simple answer is by using the best LinkedIn automation tools.

An advanced LinkedIn automation tool such as LinkedCamp will enable you to send up to 100 connection requests per day that too automatically. These LinkedIn automation toolsalso send personalized notes to increase your acceptance and response rate.

Now the next question arises: how to find the right people to send connection requests to? That’s where the next tactic comes in.

2. Searching on LinkedIn

To make sure you’re connecting with the right people on LinkedIn, you need to filter out the right profiles.

To do that, you can use LinkedIn’s filter to find people based on their names, job types, company, industry, locations, and more.

To make your searches even more precise, you can use LinkedIn Sales Navigator or the best LinkedIn automation tools.

The latest LinkedIn automation toolscome with an advanced filtration system that helps users find even the most difficult leads.

With these tools, you can find:

  • People in the same industry.
  • People you know from the previous job role.
  • People you may know from the same university.
  • People having specific skills or names.

The bestLinkedIn automationtools provide you quality over quantity as they help you find relevant people worth connecting with.

3. Be Part of LinkedIn Events

One of the best ways to find the right people for networking is to attend LinkedIn events. Not only do you find the right people for networking but also get a chance to introduce yourself to a large network to establish a great reputation.

To find events, simply go to ‘My Network’ and find the ‘Online Events For You.’ From these events, you can find the right people or use a LinkedInautomation tool to do so.

If you can’t find the right events, simply use specific keywords related to your niche and go to the ‘Events’ tab.

You can network better in these types of events:

  • LinkedIn events attended by like-minded people
  • Webinars
  • Product launches events
  • Online workshops
  • Online conferences

4. Scrape Profile from a LinkedIn Post

Another networking hack that we have tried is scraping profiles from a particular LinkedIn post. You can select a post relevant to your niche or where most of the prospects have commented or liked.

These people have the same interests as you, so they are more likely to be beneficial for you.

You can also use a LinkedIn automation tool that offers profile scraping features. LinkedIn automation toolssuch as LinkedCamp offer a profile scrapping feature that enables users to extract up to 2500 profiles who have linked or commented on a post.

Many users have already tried this hack and reached a 55% acceptance rate and 66% response rate.

5. Join and Participate in LinkedIn Groups

Joining LinkedIn groups is a popular networking tactic. Why’s that so?

It’s because LinkedIn groups are small hubs of people who have common interests. These groups have members who share the same interests and want to grow together. Joining such groups will enable you to reach a particular set of audiences and establish relationships with them.

Once you have established a reputation, more people are likely to accept your connection requests.

When they accept your connection requests, you can run a successful personalized messaging campaign which is 50% more likely to bring outcomes.

To find relevant groups, you only need to use the right keywords in the search section and then click on the ‘groups’ tab.


Networking has become critical for business growth and LinkedIn is a great platform to start with.

You can use the tactics mentioned above to establish and repute, find and connect with prospects. You can always use the best LinkedIn automation tools to scale your networking efforts.

With the help of the latest LinkedIn automation tools, you can speed up your networking efforts and build a network of relevant people who can be your potential clients in the future.

Sure, you can do networking manually, but it will take you a lot of time and energy that you can easily save and spend on core business tasks.