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How to Track Lost Phone Using IMEI Number– Cell Phone Tracker - Thewispy - Mobile Tracker app

Have you lost your cell phone? Well, when you’ve lost it, then you must know how frightening it’s to feel if you do not have any idea, wherever your mobile phone is. Are you attempting to get track of a lost phone? Primarily, a cell phone is a vital part of our lives, from touch to personal information, from private pictures to videos, and many other things. In short, we can’t live without a cell phone.

As per a recent survey, it has been discovered that almost 70 million mobile phones get lost virtually every year and never get recovered. Really, it is true; people either lost their cell phones by mistake or robbed. Therefore, we’ve come up with both essential solutions for you to track the lost phone by just using the IMEI number.

First, you must know the way to obtain the IMEI number of your Android mobile phone.

Your cell phone vendors write this amount on the box in the form of the; serial number, barcode, model number, and IMEI number. Attempt to note it down beforehand.

One of the easiest ways to get the IMEI number from your cell phone is to dial *#06#, and the screen will appear on your screen from where you can find the amount and its details.

Apparatus settings

You’re able to get the IMEI number from the settings menu. For this use, you need to go to the settings, tap “General/ system,” and assess the About telephone. Therefore, you can find the IMEI details of the mobile phone from there.

Most of the Android apparatus possess the IMEI number on your battery. Just take it out and assess your IMEI number.

How to have tracked the lost phone together with all the IMEI number?

You can count yourself among the geniuses as soon as you have the IMEI number saved on your mobile phone. However, if not, then there is nothing to worry about. You can have your cell phones in different ways. Let’s check the way to discover your mobile phone if you don’t have an IMEI number, ahead.

You don’t need to be concerned if you are an Android user. It is due to the Android devices linked using the Google account. Your IMEI number is saved in your account. Hence it is simple to discover your device by following this method. This is how you can locate your mobile phone:

Google Locate my Device – Track Phone.

First, you need to log in to the Google account on the web, then click on the “Locate my apparatus option”.

Check the missing Android cell phone on the listing on the left side.

If you want to find an IMEI number only: Click the “I” icon in the following of the device. You’ll discover IMEI on the list that’s been on the pop-up box.

If you would like to find a mobile phone: You can locate your device from the “find my device option.” Thus, you can choose it as a bonus. You can use this facility to find the mobile phone if it is turned on, connected to this WIFI, or the information as soon as you have been registering to the device. What’s more, you must have the location services on and allow them to locate my machine from that point. Or if the location fails, you then find your IMEI from that point.

Use Cell Phone Tracker – TheWiSpy

The TheWiSpy cell phone tracker app monitors the GPS location of their missing cell phone remotely. You may be surprised to know about the advantages of this TheWiSpy to find out the mobile phone that you have missed.

Mark safe area – geofencing – TheWiSpy

For a reason, you can get to know the following things which will help you to monitor lost telephone:

How can you get together with TheWiSpy to monitor the missing phone?

Here are the things that you can get with the help of TheWiSpy:

  • You’re able to know about the IMEI number of the goal cell phone.
  • Monitor the location weekly
  • Know concerning the Wi-Fi information
  • Geo-fencing center

Download & install TheWiSpy to monitor lost telephones using IMEI Number

Following the steps here, you will know how to get the TheWiSpy into your cell phone:

  • Obtain the TheWiSpy subscription using an authentic password and email.
  • Get the desired credentials for place monitoring software
  • Track the place from the online control panel

Thus, you may use this TheWiSpy IMEI cell phone tracker to monitor your own personal cell phone.


Most things that get misplaced appear not that big of a deal, but sometimes if your particulars are involved with it, something such as a cell phone, it can be traumatizing. The best part is you are still able to track your lost cell phone when you want with the help of the IMEI’s number. The elite manner is the TheWiSpy third-party cell phone tracker, which will provide you the highly-optimized effect to track your lost mobile phone, therefore in a sense, you are able to quickly recover your mobile phone with the help of the advanced features. Also, it’s possible to remotely delete your lost telephone info utilizing the TheWiSpy control panel.