Exercises That Burn the Most Fat

Nothing motivates people to exercise more than wanting to lose some unwanted pounds. The best way to get a slimmer figure is exercise that burns fat as quickly as possible. We’ve collected the most effective ones here. Is there any reason not to get to work right away? let’s start!

Bear crawling

This exercise seems simple. It seems that there is no difficulty in crawling on the floor. After all, even kids can handle it with ease. Everything is complicated because, unlike them, you have to support your entire body. That’s why the bear crawl is considered effective at burning fat. But it also makes you more resilient and agile.

How to do it?

With your arms straight in a plank position, begin crawling along the floor, alternating your other arm and leg. Also, remember to keep your back as straight as possible and keep your knees from touching the floor. Crawl forward first, then backward, and so on. Just don’t rush it—performing the exercise at a slower pace puts more stress on your entire body.

This is the ideal form of exercise on those bad days. You’re burning more than just fat here—when you hit the ball to the floor with all your might, you’re also releasing stress and all sorts of negative emotions that may have been plaguing you all day.

How to do it?

Using your whole body to move, lift the ball over your head and toes, then use your core, hips, and arms to throw the ball back. Catch the ball as it bounces toward your chest and repeat.


This is practically a rite of passage for anyone who wants to sweat a lot and burn tons of fat. The effectiveness of this exercise is the combination of the three elements of planks, push-ups, and jumps, which are performed without interruption to form a single complex. All this happens in one repetition. Impressive, isn’t it?

How to do it?

We start in the “standing with feet shoulder-width apart” position, legs bent at the knees, and hands on the floor.

We seem to jump backward, straightening our legs into a “plank with extended arms” position. Make sure your fingers point forward and your back is straight.

From this position, we perform push-ups and then return to the “plank with extended arms” position.

We jump forward, returning to a full squat position with our hands on the floor.

We jump, raising our arms as we jump.

Jumping rope

Anyone who thinks that only kids jump rope on the playground is wrong. It’s the simplest, most affordable piece of equipment that gives you a full-body workout with huge fat-burning potential.

How to do it?

There are many options. You can simply jump up on two legs. Or you can try this method.

Jump with both legs 10 times, then 10 more times, first with the right leg, then the left leg, rest for 20-30 seconds. Continue performing the exercises in this order, gradually reducing the number of repetitions for each jump until you reach zero.

Climbing stairs

If you want to burn excess fat, stop taking the elevator and take the stairs. This may seem like a simple exercise, but it’s also very effective at burning fat and calories. Climbing stairs is different from regular walking because it uses more muscles and requires you to lift your legs higher, making them stronger.

A ride on the bicycle

No matter what it is – a regular bike or a stationary bike – these activities are equally useful for those who want to get rid of excess fat. However, research shows that cycling regularly has other benefits. This means increased sensitivity to insulin, a lower likelihood of heart disease and cancer, and improved physical health.

How to do it?

A great way to make this exercise as effective as possible is to perform it at different speeds and riding intensities. For example, on an exercise bike, you can do this by maintaining a high intensity for a few minutes and then a low intensity for the next few minutes. Keep repeating these intervals until you feel tired. If you are using a regular bike, try riding on rough terrain. You can go fast or slow, and vary the speed and intensity to get the most out of your ride with the help of the best slimming products.