Cloud-based LinkedIn Automation – The Ultimate Solution to Generating Leads With 100% Safety

  • maryalizabeth
  • June 25, 2021
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LinkedIn Automation

LinkedIn has updated its algorithm to combat the use of bots or LinkedIn automation tools. It strictly prohibits its users to use any type of bots to extract data from LinkedIn. If detected, your account might be compromised, or LinkedIn might restrict or block your account.

When using LinkedIn automation tools, you might face two types of spams:

1. Sending too many connection requests in a short time = LinkedIn Jail

2. Sending template or sales-y messages = 0 replies and engagements = Spam Jail

cloud based linkedin automation

Why is LinkedIn against bots or automation tools?

Since its launch in 2002, the platform is expanding more than ever. Today, LinkedIn has 76 million+ prospects and the number is growing very fast. It has become the largest hub of B2B leads and professional data. That’s why marketers and businesses are using it to extract the right data and profiles easily and in a short time.

But LinkedIn isn’t happy with that. It wants you to enlarge networks and generate leads, LinkedIn wants you to keep things slow.

But don’t worry! There are cloud based LinkedIn automation tools that save you from LinkedIn detection.

Cloud based LinkedIn automation tools are on the rise…

LinkedIn doesn’t want users to use any tools, however, there are many B2B marketers and businesses who rely on the latest cloud based LinkedIn automation tools for lead generation.

The reason is that a business grows when it has a large network and customer data. A larger network means more opportunities on the way. The best cloud based LinkedIn automation tools make networking and data collection a lot easier and quicker while keeping your account safe and secure.

What exactly are cloud-based LinkedIn Automation Tools

Cloud-based LinkedIn automation tools have been designed in a way that operate from cloud and run 24/7 in the backend.

These tools have so many advantages over chrome extensions and that’s why they are becoming the priority of most B2B marketers and businesses. They provide:

Safe to use

-Run campaigns 24/7

-Provide dedicated IPs

-Inbuilt safety limit

-Provide human touch

The latest cloud based LinkedIn automation tools come with a number of advanced features and they have all the safety features that businesses require to run 100% safe campaigns. Unlike chrome extensions, they provide IP addresses and proxy settings to keep your account details secure.

A single run campaign can give you amazing results that would otherwise take you weeks and even months. 😫

You can run campaigns care-free and get amazing results in a short time. As they run from the cloud, you don’t need to stick by your computer all the time. All you need to do is to set up a campaign and then you go to a party, sleep, travel or whatever you want to do.

Here are some reasons which make these tools reliable and effective for safe lead generation:

1. 100% Safety

When you research the market to find a LinkedIn automation tools, mostly you’ll find chrome extensions.

These extensions are unsafe to use because they send thousands of connection requests without any filtration and pause.

The result?

LinkedIn gets suspicious of your activities. It’s so painful to lose your well-established account because of the wrong tool selection.

Cloud-based LinkedIn automation tools, on the other hand, are 100% safe. They run from the cloud that means no monitoring required. Also, they provide dedicated IPs that keep the login details safe, thus LinkedIn can’t detect your activity.

2. Provide the Human Touch

The latest cloud based LinkedIn automation tool shave been but keeping in mind LinkedIn’s algorithm. It has set some limits for daily actions such as connection requests, messages, follow-ups, etc.

If you exceed the limit, you’ll get a warning from LinkedIn.

But cloud-based LinkedIn automation tools make it much easier for you as they come with inbuilt safety limits. Using this feature, you can set limits for each action. However, don’t worry! Because the tool will automatically increase the number of actions once your account starts establishing.

3. Take Care of the Time Zones

Unlike chrome extensions that get over-enthusiastic while performing actions, cloud based LinkedIn automation tools take ‘Time Zones’ into account to avoid any account restriction problem.

These tools stop working at unusual times such as Christmas, Thanksgiving holidays, weekends, etc. A user can schedule campaigns; these will run and stop at a particular time.


LinkedIn is the ultimate platform for lead generation. The best cloud based LinkedIn automation tools are a great way to optimize success on this platform.

They are safe and give more authentic results. It’s the safety elements that make them the right choice for the users.

Don’t go for robotic tools that are easily detected by LinkedIn due to their non-human behavior. Choose the right LinkedIn automation tools that run safe campaigns. LinkedIn won’t be able to find out if it is a bot or a human working behind.