Bmw M2 Engine

Bmw M2 Engine


Seeing as the BMW M2 has the simplest ever to be had with turbo-charged, 6-cylinder petrol engines, it’s usually been a company favorite for most of the BMW purists. But the 2-3 liters turbo petrols which have achieved obligation in M2-badged automobiles up to now are very unique, and are best very distantly associated. We evaluate those two power plants, to find out which one is the most efficient.

We compared BMW M2 engines, and the performance crown is going to…

While discussing the efficiency of overall performance automobiles, there’s extra at play than just their average fuel consumption. The specific strength outputs in their engines play a great function right here, as it’s a demonstration of the capability locked up in that chunk of machined aluminium, steel and plastic. It additionally highlights how effectively such an engine converts petroleum into power, noise and tyre smoke – as indicated by way of its specific strength output (measured in kW/litre). So which one of the  engines to grace the BMW M2 is the most green? 

BMW M2 (2016-2018)

This became the first generation of the M2 to attain our shores, and, like its 1-collection M Coupé ancestor, used an engine which was derived from a everyday, series-production BMW engine. Inside the M2’s case, it used a significantly changed variant of the N55 unmarried-turbo engine circle of relatives, which first appeared in 2009.

This engine became quite different from its more-modest siblings, however, with improved lubrication- and cooling systems, reinforced internal additives, and plenty of extra aggressive tuning. Inside the M2, it produced 272 kW and 465 Nm (500 Nm on overboost). 

Precise power output

91 kW/litre

Common gasoline consumption – mixed cycle (producer’s claim with M-DCT gearbox):

7.9 ℓ/100 km 

Envisioned gasoline range:

671 km

BMW M2 opposition (2018-on)

In evaluation to the earlier M2, the competition (which succeeded the older vehicle) had a bespoke engine – albeit nonetheless based on the N55 architecture. This engine is called the S55, and primarily seemed within the F80/F82 M3 and M4 (in a better kingdom of music), as a completely great reworking of the N55 base design. Key differences include a closed-deck block, strengthened and lightened inner additives, a twin-faster arrangement, and revised intercoolers.

For obligation in the M2 opposition, this S55 engine becomes detuned pretty greatly, and outputs top at 302 kW and 550 Nm – appreciably greater than the older M2 controlled, but plenty much less than even the lowest-powered M3 model. The distinction in directly-line acceleration isn’t as massive as you’d believe no matter that more strength, though, because BMW claims zero – 100 km/h sprint time upgrades of best zero.1 seconds over the non-competition M2s, for both manual- and DCT-geared up M2 opposition editions. This is probably because of traction constraints, as either M2 is more than able to maintain the rear tyres smoking properly into 0.33 tools.

Specific electricity output

A hundred and one kW/litre

Average gasoline intake – combined cycle (manufacturer’s declare with M-DCT gearbox):

9.1 ℓ/a hundred km

Expected gasoline variety:

571 km

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There’s no doubt that the M2 competition’s engine is extra effective at extracting power and torque from its three.0-litre displacement. The better-tech engine can handle higher rapid boost stress stages, which liberates greater energy – however it also means that the more recent S55 engine within the competition has to drink a fair bit greater.

Moreover, the competition features an uprated cooling gadget and a bunch of extra faster plumbing, all of which add about 55 kg to the older M2’s kerb weight. This, combined with its better power output, means that the M2 opposition is relatively thirstier than its predecessor, with greater than a litre difference in claimed consumption figures between the older car and the modern one. As a result, the (barely) slower, older “regular” M2 takes the efficiency crown from its M2 competition successor.

Certainly one of BMW lovers’ favourite engines of the past decade is the brand’s N55 engine. Whilst it changed into launch in 2011, the N55 engine won the Ward’s automobile fine Engine of the year award for its class three consecutive years in a row. It changed into a sensational engine and, regardless of being all however changed by way of BMW’s new and amazing B58, one which fanatics nonetheless adore nowadays, inside the BMW M2.

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One of the biggest motives why fanatics love the BMW M2 is its engine. In contrast to the S55 engine in the BMW M3/M4, the M2’s N55 feels like an vintage-school BMW I6 that likes to rev and makes a snarling, metallic noise because it does it. However to get the N55 as much as snuff for M2 duty, the Bavarian emblem needed to breathe new life into it and it’s as an alternative fantastic to see what BMW has performed to make the alternatively vintage engine new once more.

It also obtained a reshaped oil pan and a brand new oil drain pump, to permit for better circulation at some point of greater intense instances than it was commonly positioned under. “because if your oil temperature and coolant temperature are walking so hot, it’s inevitable to have decreased power.


The BMW M2’s N55 has additionally had its spray-on cylinder liners replaced with solid iron ones, which can be vital for the M2. Guerrero claims that the spray-on liners are exceptional for a everyday avenue automobile, 

The M2 additionally receives a brand new exhaust manifold and consumption plumbing for its N55 engine, bearing in mind higher airflow. BMW claims that raise strain is certainly up from the standard N55 engine, however not by an excessive amount of. It’s not unexpected, though, as there are folks that can track a well known BMW 335i’s N55 engine up to almost four hundred hp with not anything but software program tweaks. What BMW has achieved to the N55 for M2 responsibility is make it sturdier, extra durable and extra solid, as well as greater effective, to ensure that it could take the form of beating M2 owners will probably provide it.

While the M3/M4 debuted the S55 engine, all and sundry changed into inspired with the aid of its energy and performance, however disillusioned that it lacked the man or woman of the N55.