Scrolling Text Time Waster What is Patorjk scrolling Text?

scrolling text time waster


Are you getting bored with your usual daily life? Want to do some fun to make you entertained?

Then you can try the Patorjk scrolling text. In this article, we will discuss this interesting text game.

What is Patorjk scrolling text?

Patorjk scrolling text is the website that allows users to be involved in doing something funny to the text that makes them enjoyed. You can make fun with text by changing color, shapes, and it moves in different shapes while scrolling down. It is also  known as time waster as it may consume lots of time to  yours. 

As many users searches for something unique and enjoyable activity on the internet to overcome their boredom, Patorjk is the best platform for them to get enjoyed with a  new and different look of texts. You can pass your time easily on this website as it is easy to access without any ads. What you have to do is to go to the end of the website where a blank field named as  Again ! Say! Tab! and type the text that you want to see in different shapes.

This is an entertaining activity on the internet that users have fun with it.

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Is Patorjk scrolling text a reliable website?

Yes, it is a reliable website as its trust score is 100 and is ranked 62.6 / 100. It is 23 years old website and was established in  January 1999. You can also check Patorjk while doing something funky since it is a well respected website.

More About Patorjk scrolling text

Apart from scrolling text, Patorjk website provides many game like snakes, sliders and puzzles along with 179 ways to make people enjoyed. In which scrolling text is the most popular activity in which one word is written in different shapes to pass your free time.

What is Scroll text?

The scroll text is the type of long text messages that is trending in many websites like WhatsApp and tik tok. It has just one word that is shown in an iterative form in full screen mode. You can see each word in different colors and different directions. It is the best time passer as you have to scroll down to the last to see the messages.

“I love you” is the most popular and trending word that people send to their beloved ones. The word can be seen in zigzag form. As this is also editable, you can mention the length of the text to scroll and can also select “auto scroll”. The most time-consuming texts are also included in this scroll text.

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How do you create the scrolling text?

There are a number of ways by which  you can create the Patrjk scrolling text.

  1. By making use of CSS animations, users can create  distinctive scrolling text to have fun with text.
  2. You can search scroll text on Google and select one of them that is trending on Patrjk websites nowadays and type the text at the end of the website where blank field given.
  3. There are many apps that are available for scrolling text and scroll test pro to utilize in this scroll text time waster.
  4. Adobe software may help you to create this Scroll text time waster.


Patorjk is a website that offers many scrolling text games, apps and visualization to make you entertained. The users of this website or apps has positive review about it and many users still involved in wasting time by this unique activity. If you are tired of your daily routine life, you can try this to be engaged in something funky.