Laser for skin in Basingstoke

laser for skin in basingstoke

Laser for skin in Basingstoke:

Laser Treatment For Skin Acne:

Description Of Laser Skin Acne Therapy: 

Laser for skin in Basingstoke acne treatment can effectively treat the issue, including reducing boils and active acne with quick results. It can also remove acne scars.

Although teenagers are frequently affected, acne affects people of all ages, and many people will get acne in their older years. Additionally, hormones may actively contribute to the worsening of acne.

Sebaceous glands overproduce sebum, which leads to acne. A whitehead develops when a blocked follicle is located just below the skin’s surface. A blackhead can also be produced if the blocked follicle is exposed to the laser for skin in Basingstoke.

Sebaceous glands, which are microscopic glands connected to hair follicles that are located close to the surface of your skin, are responsible for producing sebum, an oily material.

What It Does: For severe acne:

Through controlled heating effects and photoselective absorption, laser for skin in Basingstoke therapy from Fotona lessens acne inflammation. The high-powered Nd: YAG laser from Fotona securely penetrates the skin to the ideal treatment depth, where it destroys hyperactive sebaceous glands by heating them to death.

The Nd: YAG acne laser treatment promotes healing and encourages collagen remodeling in addition to its effects on heat penetration, which are crucial steps in the long-term treatment of acne.

Soft & Powerful Acne Scar Revision:

The Er: YAG laser wavelength from Fotona is perfect for soft ablative scar repair for treating troublesome acne scars. The Er: YAG laser for skin in Basingstoke helps to enhance skin texture and tone by offering the lowest penetration depth necessary for mild resurfacing of acne-scarred skin. The acne-scarred surface is gently vaporized by the laser in micron-thin layers, exposing healthy, unharmed skin beneath. Resurfacing using a laser is a quick, secure, and easy process.

Skin Acne Expected Results: 

Patients should expect to see an immediate decrease in their active acne as well as the redness that is frequently connected to acne inflammation. After treatment, acne will be less active and the quality of the skin will improve.

Skin tone and texture will also be noticeably different.

Training For Skin Laser Hair Removal:


Laser hair removal provides both men and women with a permanent remedy for unwanted hair.

It is a reasonably priced option because it may permanently get rid of extra and unwanted hair on the face, legs, underarms, back, bikini line, and other regions.

How It Works: 

The great penetration of the Fotona laser ensures that it can target even the deepest hair follicles, while its low absorption in all skin types ensures that the surrounding tissue is left untouched. This indicates that this laser for skin in Basingstoke treatment is safer, more comfortable, and more effective—even on skin types with a darker pigment—and frequently requires fewer sessions than other types of hair removal lasers. Any location is appropriate for therapy. At your appointment, you will receive guidance on this.

Because hair grows in cycles and has varying pigment contents at various stages of the cycle, the same area will require multiple treatments to remove the maximum number of hairs. It takes a minimum of six sessions.

A hot pricking sensation that you may experience during therapy is tolerable for most patients.

Expected Results:

Someone with a pale complexion and dark hair makes a good candidate for skin hair removal. The Fotona laser for skin in Basingstoke, however, is successful with darker skin tones and lighter hair colors as well, in contrast to other lasers.

It should be noted that a tiny number of people do not respond to laser hair removal.