How to Change Your Facebook Profile Without Notifying Everyone?

how to change facebook profile picture

Any change or any type of update on Facebook always notify everyone on your friend list.

Sometimes you have updated some more personal information or relationship status to it and you do not want to let anyone on your friend list know this. That’s why you want to change your profile picture on facebook without notifying anyone on your friend list. 

No need to worry Facebook has the feature that lets you do this. You can prevent your friends from seeing the update you have done recently with some easy steps. 

Why do You Want to Change your Facebook Profile Picture Without Posting?

There may be numerous reasons one does not want to share all the happenings and events in their life with his friends. That may be the reason for not notifying everyone about your update.

Whenever you update your Facebook profile or post a picture or any activity you have done on Facebook get notified to everyone on your friend list. But sometimes you might not want to share your updates with anyone. You want to keep it hidden from all your contact persons.

 That’s why you want to change your Facebook profile pic without posting.

Some hackers are also active on many social media networking sites, they might steal some of your very personal information which may be the cause for not showing your updates to anyone.

How to Change Profile Picture on Facebook Without Posting

The Facebook profile picture is the most important thing on your Facebook profile, but if it gets outdated or so old and you want to change it without posting, then follow the steps given below.

Here is how you can change your Facebook profile picture without posting.

Step1: First, log in to your Facebook account 

Step 2: Go to the profile page on your Facebook and click on “Edit” on your profile picture.

Step 3: Select “Profile Picture” and click to replace the older one.

Step 4: Now tap on the privacy settings, it has currently set as “Public” change it and select “Only me”. 

By this method, you can restrain your contacts from viewing your updated profile pictures, and personal information that you have updated recently. 

After updating your profile on Facebook without notifying anyone check your timeline to see the latest activity on your profile page. Here you will view the notification that your profile picture is updated. Just go to the upper right corner of the page and select “Hide from your Timeline and your friend’s timeline”.

That’s how you can change your profile picture without notifying everyone.


Facebook is a social media network that is used by millions of people globally. Any update you have made even smaller will also be visible to everyone on your friend list; it is not good all the time. So, Here are the tricks by which you can update your profile picture, personal information, and anything else without being visible to anyone on your contact list.

We hope the above information will help you.

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