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Pakistan is populous with more than 230 million, which implies that due to its dense population and poor infrastructure, fatalities are always likely to occur there.

Emergency services in Pakistan are offered around-the-clock to assist those in need by offering immediate treatment for treating illnesses and injuries as well as people rescue. In order to make it easier for the wider populace to reach these services in an emergency, they typically have 3–4 digit helpline codes. These services are run both by the public and private sectors. So, if you’re uncertain of which emergency programs are accessible in Pakistan and how to reach out to them, we can help. Everything will be mentioned in this article.

Edhi Foundation

Based on thousands of ambulances, Edhi Foundation manages one of Pakistan’s biggest emergency medical services. The nearly all major cities in the nation are served by the Edhi Ambulance Service, which relies on a fleet of over 1800 vehicles. Additionally, this organization offers air ambulance services thanks to its two aircraft.

You can reach the Edhi ambulance service by calling their helpline number, and you will receive prompt ambulance response.

Edhi Ambulance Helpline: 115 

Chhipa Ambulance Service 

With a network of hundreds of vehicles, Chhipa Charity Association, another well-known welfare organisation in the nation, ranks amongst the top ambulance services in Pakistan. Chhipa Ambulance Service performs the same hours as Edhi Ambulance Service. Across every major city around the Pakistan, Chhipa Ambulance Emergency Centers are close to hospitals. According to the website of the charity organisation, Chhipa Ambulance Service has a response time of under 5 minutes, ranking it one of the fastest ambulance services in Pakistan. Ambulances from Chhipa Ambulance Service are also prepared with basic medical tools and oxygen tanks.

If you are from Pakistan, just dial the Helpline number and you will receive the help immediately!!

Chhipa Ambulance Helpline: 1020

Rescue 1122 

We must always mention Rescue 1122 when talking about the most well-known and reliable emergency medical services in Pakistan. The most crucial service provided by Rescue 1122, according to its website, is the emergency ambulance service. It is a government-run emergency service that is only available in Punjab right now. However, the government of Pakistan is making major attempts to expand the Rescue 1122 network. The agency was founded in 2006 in accordance with the Punjab Emergency Service Act and responds to situations including fires, rescue missions, as well as other illnesses and medical crises. The Punjab Emergency Department is currently looking for overseas recruits since paramedics participating in the service receive intense practical training.

After years of service in different regions of Punjab, the Rescue 1122 emergency helpline has finally been launched in Pakistan’s largest city, Karachi. 

Rescue 1122 Helpline: 1122

Ibesthomecare ICU ambulance 

Ibesthomecare is not only an ambulance service but they also provide a home nursing and lab testing service. It is very difficult to find ambulances on time specially when you to need it extra facilities and that too on time. They provide ICU ambulance service that will best serve all of your needs. Currently operated in different sectors of Punjab province, they are the best 

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JDC ambulances 

JDC free ambulances are available and on guard all day to handle any crisis. Due to the emergency situations in Karachi city brought on by terrorism and natural disasters, the free ambulance service must continue to operate. They are currently working only in Pakistan’s city  Karachi.

The ambulance also offers services around the prime time of Ramzan and the Juloos of Muharam.

Any medical emergency will be responded to by JDC Free Ambulance Service, and the patient will be brought to the closest hospital in addition to receiving the proper pre-hospital care in the ambulance.

JDC  ambulance helpline 1024

Aman ambulances 

With a roster of 60 vehicles, Sindh Rescue and Medical Services, formerly Aman Ambulance Service, provides emergency medical treatment. It was initially started by the Aman Foundation, but later on owing to a lack of funding, the Sindh Government took control of it. The ambulance service will remain operational in the same capacity, attending to varied conditions and medical crises. All of the ambulances in the Aman Ambulance Service fleet are furnished with the tools required to save lives so that patients in need can receive immediate medical care. By the Asian Emergency Council in 2014, it was named the “Best In Asia Emergency Medical Service (EMS)” for its effectiveness and speedy response. The name of the Sindh Rescue and Medical Services is currently available in Karachi only.

Aman Foundation Helpline: 1021