Why Do I Need Halfway Houses in Maine? Why Can’t I Go Straight Home?

Why Do I Need Halfway Houses in Maine Why Can’t I Go Straight Home

For people who come to a house after being imprisoned for a sentence, the place looks better, as it has more flexible rules than a prison. However, people who come here after a rehab program may find this place daunting. They have never lived with such strict rules before. Worse: they must abide by all the rules! 

So, the question ruffling most recovering addicts is: Can’t I go straight home? Why should I come to a house after rehab? 

Experts at halfway houses in Maine answer this question in a single word: Time. 

What does time have to do with living in a halfway house?

Time is everything when it comes to envisioning yourself as a sober person, experts say. They recommend people who seek long-term sobriety reside in a house for one whole year or more after completing a rehab program. 

This may sound overwhelming, but it is a sure-shot way of achieving long-term sobriety. The greater the challenge, the greater the success. 

Why live for a long time?

When you live in a halfway house, you give yourself time, mentally and physically, to adjust to a sober life. During the rehab program, you were under constant medical supervision, under medications for detox, and in a stricter environment. You were coping with withdrawal symptoms. You were an addict who was recovering. 

In a house, you are a recovering addict who is on his/her journey towards full sobriety. 

You need time. 

And time is what a house gives you. You live here and give yourselves time to:

  • Contemplate
  • Address any buried emotional problem
  • Pursue your hobbies
  • Re-discover your productive and creative self
  • Discipline yourself
  • Make new friends and strengthen your support system
  • Experience life 100 percent sober

When you leave a halfway house in Maine after successfully completing the term, you are better prepared to face the real world, your real-life out there. 

It’s an opportunity, grab it! 

Dale Carnegie has quoted: “Two men looked out from prison bars; one saw the mud, the other saw stars.” 

Some people look at the house as a prison, while others see it as an opportunity. It’s a matter of perspective and each one holds their own. 

It’s true that the house appears intimidating in the beginning, with all the halfway house rules, new people, and curfews. But, don’t we often feel a bit nervous when we move to a new place? 

So, it’s up to you how you see sober living homes

The place can lay a solid foundation for a sober life for you. Many recovering addicts have found valuable friends in the house. They are thankful for how the rules of the house helped them achieve discipline, which is an important ingredient for success in life. 

Why not give yourself this opportunity? 

Instead of heading straight to your home, where you have a high chance of relapsing, spend time in a house. Here, you have a high chance of achieving long-term sobriety and preparing yourself for regular society. 

For more information on the best houses in Maine, visit https://halfwayhousedirectory.com/centers/maine/

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