Who Can Scrap My Car?

Scrapping a car? Yes, where is she really going? It happens to a car wrecker. And here it is important to choose carefully. It is namely approx. every fourth car that is scrapped illegally in Denmark.

It’s not a fun statistic to be a part of. The reason so many cars are being scrapped illegally is that unauthorized scrappers are scrapping them out of consideration for the environment. In some cases, they are also exported abroad by illegal waste collectors or left at roadside or other places where they stand and decay.

It is therefore important to choose a registered and environmentally approved car wrecker. That way, you ensure that your scrapping takes place according to all rules and laws, and you do not become part of the boring statistics that in no way benefit the environment.

If the car cannot drive

It often happens that you scrap a car because it is in such poor condition that it cannot drive at all. It simply requires too many expensive repairs to get it ready to go again. But what so purely practical; how do you get the car to the car wrecker?

If you cannot drive the car to the car wrecker yourself, you can often have it picked up. Many car wreckers actually offer free pick-up of the car, while others charge a modest fee.

There are many car wreckers in Denmark, and they typically drive around the whole country to pick up cars for scrapping, so it should be possible to find someone who drives past you.

From scrap to nice… new car

The scrapping of your car does not have to be the end of your driving pleasure. There are in fact many benefits to driving the old car for scrapping; most go from scrap to nice… that is to a new car.

When you scrap the car, you can receive a scrap prize. It’s not enough for the brand new dream car, but it’s still nice to receive a small amount. At the same time you get rid of the expenses and workshop bills on the old car.

To prevent illegal scrapping, Skrotpræmie are given. It is a way to get more scrapping done on environmentally sound methods that take place at a registered car wrecker.

What can you get in scrap premium?

There are quite a few rules about scrap premiums. Petrol and diesel cars registered after 1 January 2006 give a scrap premium of DKK 2,200.  Do I not get more if it is a diesel car? You might think, but no – that scheme has unfortunately expired.

You will not receive your scrap premium if:

  • The car was deregistered before 1 July 2000
  • The car has a total weight of more than 3,500 kg.
  • The car is designed for driving with more than 9 people

The scrap premium is one you receive when you drive your car to scrap. You can also choose two other options:

  • Deliver the car to a car dealer when you buy a new car.
  • Have the car picked up by a car wrecker.

One of these choices can result in a somewhat higher “scrap premium”. The car dealer typically sells the car for export or to a car wrecker, and if the car wrecker can use parts from the car, it is worth more.