What hands are there in hold em poker?

In poker, each player is dealt two cards. The order in which they are distributed is super important. This phase is called pre-Flop or “before the Flop”. A poker game goes through 4 situations: Pre-Flop, Flop, Turn and River.

In the Pre-Flop the players decide if they want to continue or stand. This decision is always based on the cards received in the deal and the position at the table. Players have the option to fold (Fold), to match the highest bet at that time (Call) or to raise the bet ( raise ).

All those players who want to see the

 Flop must match or exceed the highest bet on the table at that time and the same happens for the following phases of the game, the Turn and the River.

Once the initial bets are made, the Flop is shown, which is the first 3 community cards for all players at the table. The fourth community card is called Turn and the fifth River.

The player who has the best hand counting all five cards (three community + two dealt) wins and takes the pot accumulated in that betting round. It is necessary to emphasize again the fact that it is not necessary to use our two cards to form a hand in poker 온라인홀덤

One or even none is enough if we have nothing and there is a better hand on the table than ours, such as a pair for example.

What hands are there in hold em poker?

In texas hold em poker there are 10 possible hands , ranging from high card (weakest) to royal straight flush (strongest).

In between there are several possible options that can lead you to victory. The hands are ordered from less strength to more strength and are formed by joining the cards dealt to each player with the community cards on the table, although there are exceptions.

High card: The player with the highest card wins if neither has a better hand.

The strength of each card is as follows from lowest to highest: 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,J,Q,K,A. If two players fail to form even a pair, the one with the higher card of the two wins.

Pairs: If a card from your initial deal matches one on the table or you have been dealt two of the same cards, you have a pair. It is not necessary that they are of the same suit, that they coincide is enough.

Two Pairs: Same as above, but with two pairs instead of one.

Trio: If you have 3 cards with the same number or figure (J,Q,K,A) you have a trio. They can be with one from the initial deal and two from the table or with two from the initial deal and one from the table.

It is preferable to have three of a kind with the second case, since two equal community cards increase the chances that an opponent will have poker (4 equal cards) or FULL (3 equal cards + 1 pair).

Straight: It happens when you have 5 consecutive cards of different suits. If both players have straights, the one that ends with the highest card wins. That is, a 7,8,9,10,J would lose to a 8,9,10,J,Q.

Flush: There are 5 cards of the same suit. Like the previous one, if both players have flushes, the player with the highest card wins.

Full House: It is made up of a trio and a pair.

Poker: It consists of 4 cards with the same number or figure. In the unlikely event that both players had poker, the one with the highest cards would win.

Straight Flush: A straight with cards of the same suit.

Royal Flush Flush: Straight flush ending in Ace. It is the strongest hand but also the most unlikely. You have a one in 649,739 chance of hitting a royal straight flush.