What Do We Need To Know About Transparent LED Screen

Transparent LED displays are probably one of the best options for traditional large LED displays. And here are some benefits! Prepare for change!

Greater transparency

It is not 100% transparent, but the transparent LED display lets in 80% of the light. If you stand directly in front of the transparent LED display, you will hardly see it. Unlike traditional LED walls, the transparent display does not interfere with sunlight or Street View. This makes transparent LED displays an ideal solution for restaurants and shops.

Better training on curved surfaces

Transparent LED displays have custom printed circuit boards, and these circuits are made up of thin components, so you can design conical LED displays and other LED displays with bumps.

Lightweight frame

Transparent LED displays are lighter than traditional LED displays. Thanks to their light weight, the transparent display elements can be installed up to 2 meters long without a support plate. Create more creative designs with transparent LED displays.

Energy saving                    

Thanks to the special circuit design, the transparent display has a very high energy efficiency and low energy consumption. Because the device is lightweight and peeled, the transparent display is well ventilated, so no fans or air conditioning are required. This is another big savings for the company.

If your business is looking for a stylish way to advertise, transparent LED displays are the right way to go. LED display suppliers have the best transparent LED displays and transparent advertising machines. Contact us for more information.

LED-based advertising in the form of LED signs is mainly used by more and more advertisers and many brand owners.

Technical aspects of LED displays

Pixel resolution

Pixel resolution is considered an important part of LED displays. Pixels are the next determinant.

Pixel resolution is an important part of delivering relevant content to potential viewers. The best display and readability of the content is entirely determined by the pixel resolution. The pixel resolution is highly dependent on the LED display diode.

What are the parameters for choosing the best pixel pitch?

As mentioned for pixel resolution, pixel pitch can be considered a key parameter for an effective viewing experience. Pixel pitch is the distance between the LED clusters that make up each pixel, and pixel pitch is an important factor in the price of transparent LED display screens.

The larger the pixel pitch, the fewer viewers, and the larger the pixel pitch, the better the reading for the general public. In addition, you can increase the pixel density based on how easy it is for your viewers to read the content you input.

As a case in point for the P10 pixel module, if you have 10mm spacing between pixels, you can expect to use four times more LEDs than the P20 pixel module. Because of this, the pixel pitch has a significant impact. At prices.

Plot of pixel pitch versus screen resolution

Pixel density mainly affects screen resolution and the viewing experience that suits your audience. However, LED displays have two main components, making them an indispensable part. SMD and DIP LEDs

SMD LEDs, also known as surface mount LEDs, are a type of LED module that makes heavy use of surface mount technology (SMT), which allows LED chips to be installed on a printed circuit board (PCB). SMD LEDs are self-contained surface mount LED devices that can be operated independently or connected to compatible units.

(DIP or Dual Inline Package) transparent LED display lighting is used as traditional LED lighting. DIP LEDs primarily use chips wrapped in hard plastic and are typically used with two straight parallel connection pins. DIP chips are still used but are less efficient than future new LED chips used commercially in today’s applications.

LED resolution is typically measured in lumens, and LED DIP chips are known to produce around 4 lumens per LED. That is significantly less than with the new chip.

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