What Are The Benefits Of Hazelnut, How Is It Consumed?

  We have brought together all the details about the. health benefits of nuts, nutritional value and calorie content of hazelnuts for you. Here are all the details about hazelnut, which is friendly to all ages. regardless of young or old, with the calcium and phosphorus it contains. 

Hazelnut was a symbol of peace and wellness

 Known as a sacred nut in history, hazelnut had an important place in the religious life of the ancient Turks. It was also a symbol of peace and well-being. The ancient Romans also gave importance to hazelnuts. It symbolized fertility and fertility in wedding ceremonies. It was use as a medicine and the hazelnut branch guided the seekers of water and treasure. The Arabs believed that the person holding a hazelnut branch would be protect from all evil. 

In which provinces does hazelnut grow?

 Hazelnut, of which 10-12 varieties are grown in our country. Is the livelihood of approximately 400 thousand farmer families. The contribution of hazelnuts to health and nutrition is indisputable. 

What are the health benefits of nuts?

 Hazelnut has protective effects against cardiovascular disease. Hazelnut contains more oleic acid than olive oil. It does not contain even 1 gram of cholesterol. It has a reducing effect on LDL cholesterol, which we call bad cholesterol in the body. 5-6 nutritional researches were carry out covering large societies around the world. Considering the consumption of hazelnuts in these studies. Cardiovascular diseases are see 40 percent less in those who eat hazelnuts than in those. Who do not consume them at all. In other words, hazelnut has a protective effect of 40 percent. 

Hazelnut is a source of calcium

 Another feature of hazelnut is that it is a very good source of calcium. Calcium alone is not enough for the formation and hardening of bones. Phosphorus should also be consume. Here are nuts, the best source of calcium after milk, but superior to milk. Because it contains phosphorus as well as calcium. It plays an important role in the prevention of osteoporosis. Which is see not only in children but also in people around middle age. 

Folic acid and its importance

 There is a B vitamin that has gained great importance in recent years; folic acid… It is know that when taken , cardiovascular diseases are see. Hazelnut, as the best source of folic acid in nature, has a protective effect. Against diseases such as Alzheimer’s, as well as such diseases. Studies have also revealed the relationship between hazelnut and cancer. 

Protects from cancer

 Vitamin E, which plays an important role in the prevention of cancer, is abundant in hazelnuts. Hazelnuts are rich not only in vitamin. But also in phenolic compounds containing anticarcinogenic substances. Hazelnut is potassium rich It is also rich in potassium, which is necessary for the stimulation. Of nerves and the functioning of muscle tissue. Hazelnut oil performs many tasks, from maintaining body temperature to transporting fat-soluble vitamins. Linoleic acid in hazelnut oil is not produced by the body; it is take from the outside. 

Health benefits of nuts to cholesterol and cardiovascular diseases

 Linoleic and oleic acids prevent the rise of cholesterol in the blood. And have a protective effect against cardiovascular diseases. Hazelnut oil also relieves kidney pain. Helps to reduce sand and stone, reduces intestinal worms. But those who suffer from stomach discomfort, atherosclerosis or those. Who complain of high blood pressure should consume. Very little hazelnut and hazelnut oil. 

What are the health benefits of nuts oil?

 There are 11.29 mg of vitamin E, plenty of calcium and iron in 100 grams of hazelnut oil. With this feature, it is a good vegetable source for calcium. Which is necessary for the strengthening of bones and teeth, iron. Which is involve in blood production, and zinc, which is involve in the development. Of growth and sex hormones. 

How many calories of hazelnut?

 1000 g hazelnuts provide 725 calories. With this feature, it relieves physical and mental fatigue and gives strength to the body. If the fresh one is well chewed, it is nutritious, and the dried. One is difficult to digest; thus, it is recommend to be consume in powder form. 

Recipes with hazelnut

 As you can see, the importance of hazelnuts for our health is indisputable. Do not miss the hazelnuts, which are a blessing for our health. From your home and immediately apply the hazelnut recipes. We have prepared from sweet to salty!

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