Vastu Shastra: What You Need to Know About!

Astrology effect

All the buildings are connected to the gravitational field, and Earth’s magnetic forces are influenced by the planets. You should make your property according to the Vaastu Shastra with the help of an astrologer and be careful because it affects your life positively and negatively.

Let us share some tips to make your life more peaceful and attract positive energy.

For studying 

To excel in your studies, make sure the study room should not be below the bathroom, and your table is on the North or East side of the study room. Your books should be in the North or East direction. You can also place a study lamp near the table on the southeast side.

The Entrance  

The face of the main door should be in the north, east, or northeast direction because it brings positivity and healthy life for the family. Put a poster of Lord Ganesha near the entrance door to not allow negative energies to enter your house. The astrologer also suggests not keeping your shoe rack near the entrance door.

The sunrise position 

The sunlight brings positive energy and is beneficial for your health. Try to buy the property where the sun rises on the front side of the building. The sun’s rays help in fulfilling Vitamin D and help to purify water.

The Bedroom 

The bedroom is the house where you spend most of the time when you are at home. You sleep in your bedroom daily to get proper relaxation. If you want to sleep properly and feel energetic and positive, consult an astrologer who will provide you with some Vastu tips for your bedroom.

One thing you should take care of is that the bedroom should be in the south or southwest position but avoid placing the entrance door in the southwest direction because it is not beneficial, according to Vaastu Shastra.

The Bathroom 

Many people make the bathrooms on the corner side of the house, which should be the case. According to Vaastu Shastra, the bathroom should be on the east side of the house, and in the bathroom, the toilet seat should be placed on the west or northwest side of the house.

The Kitchen 

The Kitchen should be on the northeast side of the house, and Venus is the ruling planet of the Kitchen. The person who cooks should face the east side while making food. If you have more than one floor, do not place the Kitchen above or below the bedroom, bathroom, or worship room because it will bring negativity and unhappiness to the house.

The living room 

The living room should be on the east, north, or facing northeast is auspicious in Vaastu shastra told by the astrologer. It would be best to keep the center of the house empty for the free flow of energy. You can light up candles in the northwest or southeast direction. The furniture should be in the west or southwest direction. Also, check out the world-famous astrologer in India, Deepak Chopra for any free consultation and help regarding Vaastu shastra.

Position of Sleeping 

You do have to make any changes in the house when you follow Vaastu’s tips for sleeping because it requires you to change your positions according to the principles. Your legs should be facing north and your heads facing south. Do not sleep facing the head on the north side because it can make you unhealthy, and you will experience horror dreams.

Worship Room 

The worshipping room brings positivity when you will put the photos of Gods in the east direction. You will face the east side while worshipping and do not put the pics of your ancestors with the deities. For more Vastu tips for your praying room, You can free consult an online Astrologer who knows Vaastu shastra.


You can follow these Vastu tips if you want good health, wealth, harmonious relationships, peace, confidence, motivation, success, and positive energies in your life. You can consult an astrologer if you want more Vastu tips for your house.