Top 10 Websites to Find Credible Sources for Your Dissertation

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A dissertation is one of the most important tasks of student life. You have to submit a dissertation paper in your final year. You should complete your research work according to the instructions. You have to follow the font, and formatting style as well. Apart from this, you have to follow the referencing style. You need to support your arguments with credible sources. As a student, you have to access credible websites for your dissertation work. It will help you in the convincing reader. It is only possible when you support your arguments through credible evidence. This article aims to provide the top 10 websites that can help you in finding credible sources. Let’s discuss these in detail;

  1. Scopus:

One of the most authentic websites for finding sources is Scopus. It is one of the largest citation databases. It has scientific journals, books, and proceedings of different conferences. It will help you with topics related to science and technology. This website will help you relate to medicine and social sciences dissertations too. If you want to add a critical perspective to your research, you should access this website. You can consult this website for arts and humanities-related topics as well. It uses smart tools and features when you research the topic.

  • Elsevier:

Another credible website you can cite in your dissertation is Elsevier. It is a Netherland-based website. It mostly publishes research journals and articles related to science and technology. Apart from this, you can access this website related to the medical topic. This website uses the Scival tool for measuring research performance. Apart from this, it publishes electronic journals from various fields. It also uses digital tools for managing research work. These tools also help manage the data and research assessments.

  • ScienceDirect:

Another credible website for dissertation work is ScienceDirect. You have to buy a subscription to access articles and journals from this website. This website will also provide help in science and medical-related research topics. It is one of the largest websites in the world that contain an electronic collection. There are over 15 million research articles on this website. Out of these, you can access 9,00,000 articles without a subscription. You can read these articles, and download them. You can also use them in your research.

  • World Bank:

Another credible source for your dissertation is the World Bank website. It is a financial institution that helps countries in managing their finances. There are two basic aims of this institution. First, it provides loans to middle-income countries. These loans help them pursue their capital projects. Secondly, it helps them in reconstructing their economies. If you want to add statistics to your dissertation, you can source them. You can access statistical data. Apart from this, you can download data in Excel sheets and PDF form.

  • Statista:

It is another credible website that will help you in supporting your stance. It is a Germany-based website. The specialty of this website is related to marketing and consumer data. This website contains more than one million statistics. Apart from this, it contains more than 80,000 research articles. It has more than 22,500 sources. It also deals with more than 170 industries. If your dissertation topic is revolving around consumer markets, you should consult it. You can access authentic figures to support your stance. It will also help you in making your research more credible.

  • Google Scholar:

It is one of the most credible sources that researchers add to their research work. It is a tool that congregates research articles on the web. You can access a lot of research articles from this website. Apart from this, it will help you in accessing articles related to every topic. It contains the thesis, books, and abstracts as well. You do not need any subscription to access articles from this website. You can access this website for different styles of citations too.

  • Microsoft Academics:

Another reliable and authentic research tool is Microsoft Academics. Microsoft is the company that operates this website. You can access your research-related articles from more than 120 million publications. These publications contain journals, conferences, and papers. On this website, you can search by topic. Once you press the enter button, it will provide you with a complete list of studies. This website is helpful in artificial intelligence and computer science topics. You can access this website for data sciences and programming as well.

  • ResearchGate:

It is another unique website that researchers use for their work. This website contains the work of more than 11 million researchers. The total number of publications on this website crosses 100 million. Again, you can access this website for free. This website offers a unique facility to the readers. You can even ask questions from the researcher. You can search by topic and the author’s name.

  • The Academic Papers UK:

One of the most credible sources for your dissertation is The Academic Papers UK. It is not a free website. You have 2 options. You can hire dissertation writing services from expert writers or you can view samples and examples of dissertations. You can access research articles and publications using the search bar. You can search through phrases, keywords, and author names. You can search with your topic and it will show relevant publications.

  1.  Newspapers:

Another common, yet important source for your dissertation is that of newspapers. It will help you in writing relevant information for your research. But you need to access credible newspapers for your research. You can take help from The New York Times, BBC, and The Guardian. Apart from this, you can access other top newspapers too.


A dissertation is the key aspect of a student’s life. You have to submit your research work before graduation. So you need to complete it according to the instructions. Apart from this, you need to access credible sources. These sources will help you in supporting your stance. This article provided the top ten websites that can help you in sourcing your work. These websites contain millions of researches. These researches will help you in writing a good academic paper. You can download these articles. Later on, you can quote the relevant information for your research paper as well.

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