The Importance of Simulator-Based Training and Its Role in the Merchant Navy

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Simulator training is gaining importance in today’s world. It is used as a virtual training environment at many training institutions. It is an affordable and effective alternative to real-world training. For example, pilots use a flight simulator to train instead of flying a real plane. People who work on ships such as merchant navy and oil rigs also use simulators to train their crew. It helps them to avoid accidents due to human factors during real-world training. 

The training prepares the crew to fight real-world situations. If you’re someone who wants to join the merchant navy and are looking for simulator courses, then there are many engine room simulator course management levels that you can join. In this article, we will be looking at the importance of simulator-based training and its role in the Merchant Navy.

What Is Simulator Training? 

Simulator training is a type of practice in which you make a copy of the real thing and practice it. For example, a navy officer or crew will be able to handle any situation on the ship after completing their simulator training. The training will help memorise emergency procedures for things that might happen in a real-world situation. 

Importance of Simulator-Based Training 

Earlier, everything, including training and procedures, was on paper. There was no such training, where a student who was going to be a future mariner, could deal with tough weather conditions and extreme tough situations out there on the sea. Hence, several accidents happened and a solution for this was invented in the form of simulator training. 

  • Simulator training helps future pilots and mariners deal with life-threatening situations to save lives. 
  • People are trained to make sure they know how to survive if their ship crashes out on the sea. 
  • Simulator training helps learn in a risk-free environment, and if the person is trained well, several accidents can be avoided. 
  • It helps learn several technologies in advance like navigation, satellite communications for understanding weather conditions and operating other machine controls. 

Role of Simulator Training in the Merchant Navy

  • With simulator training, mariners can learn how to handle a large vehicle like a ship.
  • It helps to train the manpower for different functions in the maritime sector.
  • When merchant navy sailors undergo simulator training, they are not only training their ability to handle emergencies but also keep their knowledge up to date.
  • It provides a safe training environment for maritime students who would otherwise have to undergo extensive training at sea.
  • The simulators help the students have a better understanding of the ship’s controls and the entire functioning of the ship.
  • Simulators are also beneficial for the crew members who are using them to maintain or upgrade their skills.

We hope the information in this article has helped you learn the importance of simulator training and its major role in the Merchant Navy. The course will help you learn all sorts of things like appropriate safety and emergency procedures, when and how to use electrical equipment, and more! Join the engine room simulator course now to learn how to operate those machines in the real world.