The importance of playing sports in the development of children

The importance of playing sports in the development of children

Knowing the benefits of exercise is key to understanding the importance of playing sports for childhood development. The WHO warns that 80% of children and adolescents in the world do not get enough daily exercise, which can put their health at risk. Reducing a sedentary lifestyle and promoting the practice of sport favors development in childhood. That is why today we want to talk to you about the importance of sport for the development of childhood.

Sport for every stage of development

Jumping, running, riding a bike, swimming… Any exercise is positive for health and in the stage of development of children; it also brings benefits that will accompany them for the rest of their lives. However, we live in a world that tends more and more to a sedentary lifestyle. The consoles, mobile phones, the wide range of television, and sometimes the excessive curricular load, make boys and girls sacrifice exercise for any of these activities. The continued lack of exercise generates health problems such as for overweight or obese, the consequences of which can drag on for life. It is difficult for children to understand the importance of epl중계 in childhood development, which is why the role of parents is essential.

Experts recommend exercising every day for the best physical and mental development,

To be healthy and also to relate in a healthy way. They also emphasize the importance of sport, especially during the development stage of children.

The choice of the sport to be performed will depend on age and preferences. In the little ones, the most appropriate activities are those that mix fun with the development of their motor skills, balance, and coordination. As they approach adolescence they begin to develop more specific physical qualities and may begin more specialized training. But it is important that the boy or girl feels comfortable, that the sport they do makes them feel better. In this sense, listening to our sons and daughters is key for any activity to be a success.

Ten reasons why sport is important in the development of children

There are multiple benefits that sport brings to childhood and adolescence. From physical well-being to the transmission of values. We have collected ten reasons why sport is important in the development of children:

Promotes physical and mental growth:

Sport promotes the growth process, due to the stimulation that occurs in bone and muscle tissue. It also helps in the development of skills such as spatial perception, coordination, agility, and balance. It allows us to know the limitations of our body, improves self-control, and helps us to be more humble and to cope with extreme situations.

Corrects and prevents health problems:

Helps prevent overweight and obesity. Playing sports activates the immune system and strength and elasticity exercises correct postures that help strengthen muscles and bones.

 Promotes the creation of habits:

sport predisposes to the acquisition of healthy lifestyle habits and positive behaviors. Among them, we highlight a more balanced diet, hygiene habits, and organization of tasks.

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