Streaming Broadcast Your Classes Online

Broadcasting your classes live is possible thanks to streaming. We tell you in depth how to carry it out to completely digitize your academy or training center.

At the beginning of the year we told you about the many possibilities offered by live training within the e-learning field. It was clear that it was a trend that we had seen growing in recent months and that it was here to stay. What we did not imagine was that, after the arrival of the corona virus, this resource would be one of the main protagonists of the current educational scene.

Along with the accelerated digital transformation that we have experienced in this pandemic, the so-called “new normality” has further opened up this debate between traditional and virtual classrooms; establishing the digitization of classrooms as a more fundamental need than ever.

For this reason, streaming is now one of the great solutions at the moment. It is very likely that from now on face-to-face assistance will be combined with virtual assistance, so all centers and academies must establish a way to 해외스포츠중계 their classes to the rest of the student body.

First of all, let’s start at the beginning:

What is streaming?

When we talk about streaming we refer to the live retransmission, through the internet, of a certain event or content, generally in audio or video format. This content may be previously recorded or happening at the same time it is broadcast. In both cases, the person who consumes it on the other side of the screen does not need to download anything previously, but will be able to enjoy the content online.

Large content platforms such as Netflix, HBO or YouTube are based on this operation; as is the case with sports broadcasts or shows of all kinds.

In terms of education, this allows us to broadcast from conferences to the complete classes of a certain formation. Either a recorded lesson or one happening simultaneously.

Why broadcast classes?

In addition to being an excellent solution to the health situation in which we find ourselves, as we mentioned at the beginning; this system provides many other advantages to consider:

In the first place, since it is a distribution of content that is carried out through the Internet, this class can be viewed by a student from anywhere in the world, so it completely broadens both the horizons and the numerical capacity of the students that can have the same training.

You no longer have to deal with geographical or space limits when it comes to attracting students. Which usually also translates into increased revenue and better profitability.

Second, it is also a time saver. In order to reduce face-to-face groups, it would be necessary to split up and teach the same agenda several times. However, if you broadcast that class online to the rest of the students, it will be enough to do it only once.

In fact, the third advantage is that this material can also be used later if you need it or for future training. How? The vast majority of streaming platforms allows you to record that broadcast, so that you can save that video on your computer and share it with your students whenever you want.

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