Sports and technology

From sneakers to swimwear, tennis rackets to soccer balls, sports technologists have harnessed ingenuity, creativity and engineering skills to better and safer tools for sporting success. This means better performance, better, safer and more efficient gaming equipment, accurate performance measurement, and multiple ways to experience sporting events anywhere in the world.

In the game world, new and innovative technology

 protected by an intellectual property (IP) system, usually a patent. Patents protect inventors and facilitate the diffusion of technology. It also prohibits unauthorized use of the invention during the term of the patent. Usually 20 years. This is an incentive for innovation, in the sense of providing the inventor with the opportunity to recoup the investment made to compose the invention and receive financial compensation. In exchange for the exclusive right to use the invention, the inventor has an obligation to disclose details of the invention, promote all knowledge and provide innovation. After the blocking period ends, the technology can be used by anyone without restrictions.

Patents encourage companies to invest in the development and commercialization of new and improved products.

 It will also contribute to the advancement of technology, until all patent applications are issued. And once you decide to launch a product, it is available to all 스포츠중계 fans.

They are incentives for innovation

They are a form of recognition and compensation for the inventor

.They encourage investment in research and development activities

.Expand public knowledge base

The patent-driven innovation cycle is leading to the gradual replacement of natural materials (wood, rope, rope and rubber) for sports equipment construction with highly sophisticated materials, including alloys and polymers. Various kinds of synthetic materials. Thanks to this compact yet lightweight device made of high-tech materials, athletes around the world have set new records and improved their records with a lower risk of injury and loved the whole world. Other developments in this area include more stylish and faster surfboards and more comfortable and more slip-resistant gloves for soccer goalkeepers.

Other commercial sports and training equipment including sleds,

 Water wheelchairs, starting blocks, stopwatches, golf clubs and exercise equipment. Patents for sports and muscle-building drinks and dietary supplements should also be discussed in the game.

It promotes patent promotion

Thanks to the patent system:

Manufacturers of sports equipment and materials are reaping the economic benefits of innovation, increasing industry vitality and benefiting the entire economy.

Scientists have a wealth of technical information that can be used to stimulate innovation and improvement in existing products.

With all the innovations in team sports seen by athletes around the world, they perform better, get injured less and recover faster.

Everyone benefits from a wide range of high quality sports products.

Patent protection, internationally

Like other intellectual property rights, patents are territorial, in the sense that the patent only has legal force in the country or territory in which it was granted. Thus, filing patents in different countries can be time consuming and expensive. The WIPO Patent Cooperation Agreement (PCT) allows inventors to file “international applications” to initiate patent protection in 144 countries. Adopted in 1978, two million international applications under the treaty were received by April 2011.

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