Simple Ways To Save Money During The Holidays


In a state constantly ranked as one of the best ones for doing business, living in Ohio has many perks such as a low cost of living with plenty of ways to have fun. With a lower energy bill that makes the biggest part of our monthly expenses along with rent, you could reduce that cost even more, especially during the holiday season that is notoriously known for draining our budgets. Fortunately, there are many ways to keep your Ohio home festive without breaking the bank.

 1. How To Save On Holiday Decorations And Other Household Costs  

The best part of living in today’s world is that energy-efficient alternatives have developed come in plenty of sizes, colors and styles so you have unlimited options for creating your own winter wonderland.

 Invest in energy-efficient lighting 

Holiday lighting tends to increase energy costs. LED Christmas lighting won’t only reduce your Vectren energy bill because they use less electricity, but they are also safer as they are not hot to touch, more durable and longer lasting that than fluorescent incandescent lights.

Outdoor solar powered Christmas lights will add a festive glimmer to your facade, garden or front yard without any fossil fuel emissions or extension cords that spoil the aesthetic part.

If you add automatic shut off timers, you will be able to sleep peacefully knowing you are not using unnecessary energy.

 Make sure you are getting the best rate 

The best part of living in a state where you have the freedom to choose your Natural Gas utility provider is that you can get the best deal out there. All you have to do is do your research by comparing rates. You should also be well acquainted with your energy consumption habits. A provider whose package meets your needs best can bring you several hundreds of dollars in annual savings alone.

 Dress for the occasion 

There’s no going around it : winter gear is a real deal in Ohio with three to five months of snow. You need to face the cold so dress wisely – there’s nothing wrong with wearing layers, and a lot of them. Your body, your HVAC and ultimately, your wallet will thank you as you’ll otherwise need to heat up your home much more. Winter means serious business so move around the house to get your circulation going. Despite how you might feel, shoveling your doorway or perhaps even the sidewalk is good for you.

 2. Save On Your Holiday Shopping With These Tips 

It is a well-known fact that Ohioans love amusement parks but let’s make sure the adrenaline stays on those rides as opposed to being included with your monthly natural gas bill. The below tips can save you both some money and a lot of stress.

 Prep like a pro 

As the saying goes, preparation is the key to success. Making a plan on time allows you to use Black Friday, Cyber Monday and in case you missed these- Cyber Monday 2 aka Green Monday that falls on December 13th this year. You will do much more than save 25-50% as you can save precious time of actually going to stores by using free standard shipping that will get your gifts just in time for Christmas.

 Save on shipping fees 

If you are afraid your gifts will make it on time, you can still save money on shipping and time used on browsing by ordering online but choosing the curbside pickup that might even come with a discount as opposed to buying in-store.

 Think outside the box 

Who said a gift has to come within a box? You can get a cooking master class or a class of any kind, a DIY kit or simply make an album as a treasure chase of your loved ones. What matters is that a gift comes from the heart. If you are talented at creating something with your hands, hardly any store-bought gift could top something so personal. With the ‘green vibe’ in the air, a green Christmas concept could be fun to explore, as we could all benefit from more minimalism and less consumerism.


The Holiday season is the most wonderful time of the year because it is all about joy and warmth. Loved ones get together and remember what matters most in this lifetime, with life being the most precious gift there is. The good news is that you can still make your home look and feel merry and bright without increasing your electricity bill so you can make the most of living in a budget-friendly, unpretentious and fun state like Ohio. Don’t forget to find coupon codes at to save money when buying during the holiday.

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