Shisha Packaging Machines

Our company adheres to the quality policy of “product quality is the foundation of enterprise survival; customer satisfaction is the starting point and the ultimate goal of an enterprise; continuous improvement is the eternal pursuit of staff” and the consistent goal of “reputation first, customer first” for Factory directly sourced products. In our capacity as an expert specialising in this particular industry, we are committed to resolving any difficulty relating to substantial temperature protection for consumers. shisha charcoal briquette packaging machine, Shisha Tobacco Packaging Machine.

Increase your revenues with Delfin’s innovative machine learning dosing method and 100% hermetic closures for shisha tobacco bags:

  • Increase the amount of product you can produce.
  • Cut shisha tobacco waste
  • Reduce the number of damaged and sticky packages that are returned.
  • Product preservation that is second to none
  • Maintain the integrity of your brand’s reputation.

Delfin Intelligent Sealing Technology precisely conserves your shisha tobacco:

Our hermetic seal, which is 100 percent guaranteed, allows you to provide your customers with the greatest hookah smoking experience possible while preserving the entire aroma of your hookah tobacco, just as if it were freshly made.

No more shattered packets, no more tobacco spills, no more dirty, sticky packs:

The packages that come out of our wrapping machine are extremely durable and nearly unbreakable, and they can withstand any amount of stress or misuse.
However, a simple gesture is sufficient to open them without causing your hands to become sticky!

Produce your packs in any weight from 15 to 250 gr with ease!

Our hookah tobacco packaging line is the greatest solution on the market, and it is the first to allow you to create also the 15 and 20 gramme sizes, giving you the freedom you need to pack your product in a variety of formats and weights to meet your specific requirements.

You don’t waste! Reducing waste and maximising sales!

Introducing the Delfin Dynamic Weight System, a revolutionary and exclusive technology that dynamically autoadjusts shisha tobacco dose through continuous data interchange between crucial components, significantly reducing overweight and underweight packs.
Make the most of your raw resources while reducing the amount of time and money spent on handling abandoned cigarette packets.

30 minutes to switch tobacco flavours Isn’t it fantastic?!

Super-fast thorough cleaning and simple maintenance: this accomplishment allows you to save a significant amount of time and human resources while maintaining extremely high hygiene standards and speed in maintenance and flavour switching operations.

Ensure that your customers receive high-quality products that are fresh and smell like pure tobacco.
Maximize your profits while minimising waste and damaged product return rates.


Bags that are completely hermetic are used:

Delfin Intelligent Sealing Technology helps to maintain the pure aroma of shisha tobacco, ensuring that your customers have a satisfying hookah experience.

By eliminating tobacco waste, you may increase your revenues:

The Delfin Dynamic Weight System decreases the reject rate of overweight and underweight packets by automatically adjusting the dosing machine to the correct weight of the packet.

Prepared to enter the cartoning machine without difficulty:

Pouchs that are compact enough to fit into the box on the cartoning machine without interfering with the manufacturing flow are available.

You are free to produce any format you choose, ranging from 20gr to 250gr:

We created our packaging line with your requirements in mind, and one of those requirements is flexibility and ease of production administration.

Maintenance is minimal, cleaning is quick, and the system is user-friendly:

Quick flavour changeover procedures, product misplacement detection, and unrestricted access to moving parts for simple cleaning and maintenance are all included.

Diagnostic unit with remote control:

Our after sales technical team will provide real-time assistance as soon as you require it, thanks to an integrated modem device that makes machine diagnosis easier.

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