Some Alarming Sexually Transmitted Diseases Symptoms and Signs

sexually transmitted diseases symptoms

Sometimes, after having sexual intercourse, with your partner. Or by involved physically with your partner; can cause a lot of sexually transmitted diseases in both partners. Thus, the best way to avoid this problem is; by using condoms during sexual intercourse. Also, sexual intercourse is just not vaginal, as it may be oral or anal too; which can cause problems of sexual intercourse in you. But also, by acknowledging the Sexually Transmitted Diseases Symptoms and getting treatments and medications at right time; one can get these problems successfully solved. Also, most sexual diseases are caused due to viruses, bacteria’s and parasites. Thus, if you also want to know about different sexual problems; which can affect you. Then read down the article till the end.

Alarming Sexually Transmitted Diseases Symptoms-

There are various Sexually Transmitted Diseases Symptoms, but most of the time there are no visible Sexually Transmitted Diseases Symptoms to show it. That’s why a lot of men and women never get to know; if they are suffering from a sexually transferred disease or not. However, some of the signs which may show that you are suffering from STD’s is as follows-

  1. There are some bumps or sores, in the genital area; or in the oral area etc.
  2. You feel pain and a burning sensation during urination.
  3. There is an unusual discharge from the penis.
  4. You may have unusual bleeding or discharge from the vagina.
  5. Feeling of pain during intercourse.
  6. Swollen lymph nodes in the genital area; which are sometimes spread to other areas too.
  7. There is a constant fever in you.
  8. You see a lot of rashes in the areas of hands, feet and trunk areas.

The Sexually Transmitted Diseases Symptoms and signs can be sometimes seen after a few days; after getting an STD; however, sometimes they take years to show. After you are affected by various Sexually transmitted diseases.

When to consult a sexologist-

If you feel that you have any of the above symptoms; or you feel some different symptoms after being involved in sexual activity. Also, you should see a sexologist in Gurgaon if-

  1. You are sexually active a lot with different partners, and you see some Sexually Transmitted Diseases Symptoms and signs.
  2. If your partner has tested positive; for any of the STD.
  3. When you are starting to involve in sexual activities; with other people. Make an appointment with a sexologist first.

What can be the causes of STD’s-

There are a lot of bacteria’s and parasites; which can cause the problems of Sexually transferred diseases and sexually transferred infections; in both men and women.

  1. Bacteria- Some of the sexually transmitted diseases such as chlamydia, Gonorrhea and syphilis; are caused due to bacterial infections.
  2. Parasites- Disease such as Trichomoniasis; which is STI, is caused due to Parasites.
  3. Viruses- Some of the diseases such as genital herpes, HPV and HIV are a result of viruses.

some of the other diseases such as hepatitis A, B and C viruses, giardia infection and Shigella infection can be caused due to sexual contact; but can also transfer to another person without any sexual contact too.

Risk Factors-

People who are sexually active; are at a higher risk of getting STD’s or STI’s. However, the things which may include the risk of STD’s are as follows-

  1. Having unprotected intercourse– If you are involved with a person, in anal sex or vaginal sex; without making the use of condoms. Then both the partners are at high risk. Also, if the condom is not used properly; it can also increase the chances of transferring sexual diseases to each other. However, oral sex is less risky. But that can also be a cause of STD’s in you.
  2. Involving with multiple partners- If you involve with a lot of people at the same time; then you are at a greater risk of getting the problem of STD.
  3. History of STI– If in past you have suffered from an STI; then you are more prone to get the problem again.
  4. Forcefully involved in sexual activity- If you have been raped or being assaulted; then it is very difficult for the person to deal with it emotionally and physically. Thus, you should see a doctor immediately and get yourself screened.
  5. Injecting drugs- If the needle of a sick person is shared with you; then infections such as  HIV, hepatitis B and hepatitis C can spread to you.
  6. Age- The younger the person is; the more prone they are too sexually transmitted diseases. Most cases are seen in the age group of 15 to 24.

How to prevent From STD”S-

There are some of the ways; which can help you to stay safe and prevent yourself from STD’s. One such thing is to always make use of condoms; when you involve in sexual activities with others. Some of the other ways which can help you save from STD’s are as follows-

  1. Completely abstain from involving in any sexual activity.
  2. If you involve in sexual activity; then make sure you do it with only one partner; who is safe and is protected from all infections.
  3. Only involve a new sexual partner with anal, and vaginal sex after you both test negative for infections. Also, even if oral sex is less risky; involve in it only by using condoms.
  4. Before involving in sex; talk to your partner about the safety measures; which you both should take to reduce the chances of risk of infections.
  5. For males and females; if a man goes for circumcision; the risk of HIV can be reduced by 60 per cent. Thus, that is also an ideal option to keep yourself protected from STD’s and STI’s.

Take Away-

If you think you are suffering from any sexually transmitted disease; and if you want a permanent and effective solution to it. The best is to contact a sexologist immediately and tell him all the Sexually Transmitted Diseases Symptoms you are going through. You can also book an online appointment with the highly qualified doctors of; IASH, India. Also, if you need any other information about the doctors and the center of the Institute of Andrology and Sexual Health. Then check out their official website “IASH India“.

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