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Physiotherapy is a branch of medicine which uses physical and range of motion exercise to treat the different conditions. There are many different ways to treat different conditions under the umbrella of physiotherapy such as massage therapy, Physical exercise, Acupuncture treatment, Chiropractic care, shock wave therapy and much more. If you are looking for physiotherapy in NE, Calgary you need to understand and know what the difference in between all these therapies are.

Massage therapy

It is a type of treatment use to cure many conditions and diseases. We all know that our body consist of many pressure and tension points. Massage focuses on those tension points and the therapist applies a gentle pressure with the finger tips and massage the affected area, it gives our mind a relaxing signal. This techniques used to cure many of the diseases. Such as in reflexology massage the therapist focuses on the pressure points in our hands, feet and ears. These pressure points are linked to many internal parts of our body. Same is the case with Migraine patients, many migraine patients prefer craniosacral massage over medicines because this massage focuses on the membrane and focuses on the fluids around that area. This massage is very beneficial for migraine.  Some other massage types are

  • Swedish massage
  • Deep tissue massage
  • Hot stone massage
  • Aromatherapy massage
  • Sports massage
  • Reflexology massage
  • Craniosacral massage
  • Pregnancy massage etc.

Physical exercise

Many people think that physiotherapy in NE, Calgary is all about just physical movement and physical exercise but in reality physiotherapy is much more than physical exercise. It uses ROM and CPM exercises. Range of motion exercises is a technique use to determine physical ability of the patient. Physiotherapist use this technique to determine the physical fitness and physical ability of the patient before prescribing him the bunch of exercises. CPM is continuous passive motion, which allows the patient to move the body parts mechanically.

To perform the CPM physiotherapist has to perform the ROM to identify the strength rate. After identifying the strength the physiotherapist prescribe the patient to perform the mechanical exercise which is beneficial for joints and other parts of the affected area. The mechanical devise allow the joint to bend back and forth, by doing this the joint wakes up and try to defend itself whereas the external pressure is applied continuously and we all know that opposite attract each other, this way the CPM exercises are used for the joints inflammation and joint movement.

Acupuncture treatment

It is a type of treatment use to cure and treat many of the condition. Remember this that acupuncture is used to treat the conditions not the diseases. This treatment is use to cure diseases in some rare cases. But mainly it is used to treat the conditions as it uses thin needles. These needles are placed on the pressure points on the body. Our body has many pressure points from face to feet our body consist of many focus and tension points. These needles are placed on those tension areas to treat many of the conditions. The conditions use to treat by acupuncture therapy are

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Post-traumatic stress
  • Allergies
  • Hypertension
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Morning sickness etc.

All these conditions can cause worse effects if not treated at the right time because patients dealing with these conditions have the streaks to harm themselves so it is better to treat these conditions on time. As a responsible citizen it is our prime duty to focus on our behavior because we have no idea how our small gestures can make other person’s whole day. So try to be lenient with the people dealing with these conditions as they become over sensitive.

Chiropractic care

Chiropractic care is type of treatment focuses on the joint and cure those affected areas around the joint and the joints. Many people complain about spine pain and back pain because their only exercise is to sit and do the work 8 hours a day 5 days a week that is why sitting this long for years can cause you postural disorders and spine pain. In some cases doctors have to perform surgeries just because of the bad postural pain. The benefits of chiropractic care are as under

  • Increases energy
  • Less hospital visits
  • Prevent surgery
  • Drug free option
  • Better sleep cycle
  • It perform as a natural pain killer

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