How to Purchase a Plot in the Smart City’s Overseas Block

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In the overseas prime block of Capital Smart City Islamabad, Pakistanis who are currently residing outside of Pakistan are not allowed to purchase a unit. Luxury amenities and services on par with those offered in other developed countries will be available here. It’s truly a smart city unlike any other. Habib Rafique Limited is proud to be working on this project (HRL). Because of its close proximity to both the new Islamabad International Airport and the M2 Lahore-Islamabad Motorway, it has grown to be quite well-liked. Exceptional investors may now get their hands on an incredible Overseas Prime Block from the company. There’s even a specific entry from Chakri Road to this block.

CSCI is owned and developed by the following individuals:

With the help of Habib Rafique Limited and Future Holdings Developments, a pioneering housing society has been created. In the real estate market, they are known for their enthusiasm and dedication to constructing high-quality infrastructure in housing complexes such as DHA and Bahria Town. “


With a prime location like this, you can’t go wrong with Overseas Prime Block. Even though it’s just next door to the Chakri, this one-of-a-kind block has a separate entrance to make the investors feel even more special. The M2 Lahore-Islamabad Motorway provides easy access, and the newly opened, state-of-the-art Islamabad International Airport is only a short drive away. Read more about blue world city payment plan.


The Overseas Seas Prime Block was given the green light by the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) in September of this year. In spite of this, we frequently remind our readers and customers that you must first get a valid NOC before acquiring any real estate. Islamabad, Pakistan’s capital city, is also worth a visit.

The following are some specifics about the property:

They have perfected the art of urban planning with their SJ organisation. This block has been planned differently from the rest of the blocks in Islamabad’s Capital Smart City, according to this report. The Overseas Prime Block was likewise designed and planned by Surbana Jurong. Other residential buildings in Pakistan might learn from the design and construction of this famous tower. If successful, it will represent a watershed moment in the race to perfect infrastructure construction.

Islamabad’s Capital Smart City’s crown gem is this ground-breaking structure. Modern architectural principles are being used in its construction. In this civilisation, there will be a “block” of high-end facilities that anyone may access. As a result, the block’s natural and eco-friendly characteristics are enhanced.

The 18-hole golf course at Overseas Prime Tower is also a residential building with a cosmological number of stories. In order to give a wide-ranging vision of the entire neighbourhood from elevated locations, this block was created with this in mind. In terms of architecture and construction, the Overseas Prime Block is nothing short of amazing. The buildings in the complex were designed to be different. A variety of site sizes will be used to build state-of-the-art, unique dwellings in accordance with the planners’ plans for these blocks. Seven to forty marlas are represented here.

Which steps must I take to buy land in the Oversea block?

In order to reserve your ideal apartment on your dream block, you’ll need to provide several forms of identification. You must supply the following documents:

• Passport-sized photos are required.

• NICOP photocopies in case of travel abroad.

• CNICs issued by the National Identification Authority of Pakistan

Performing a thorough review of all documents:

To avoid misunderstandings or misinterpretations, please double-check all papers. Make sure to ask about the developer’s NOC and approval paperwork, which must be granted by the Islamabad Development Authority, before completing any property purchase or transaction. Customers will be pleased with the validity of your documents as a consequence.

A safety net of financial resources:

Before completing any property transaction, be sure that your funds are in compliance with your purchasing strategy. In other words, your purchase or transaction will go off without a hitch.

Property visits:

It’s important to double-check where things are located on the ground before making any transactions and after verifying the legitimacy of any paperwork.


The Overseas Prime Block in Islamabad’s Capital Smart City is a desirable piece of real estate. Living standards in Pakistani apartment buildings are based on this block. Habib Rafique Limited and Future Holdings Developments collaborated to bring Pakistan into a new century.

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