How to Clean Gas Burner to remove Burnt Food with No Scrubbing

A clean gas stove looks fresh and smells fresh as well. We mean, just imagine, a dirty gas burner will have those oil stains and curry stains! Sounds dirty, right? Cleaning the kitchen is one of the most important tasks that a householder has to do. It is the most spacious and ready-to-get-dirty kind of place. So, how to clean gas burner? Whenever we make food, it is bound to get spilled and make our gas stoves dirty. In such situations, we cannot clean them immediately because they are too hot. By the time we wait for the burner to cool down, the stains also become permanent, greasy, and stubborn. As a result, cleaning becomes frustrating and exhausting.

But there’s nothing to worry about! To clean a gas burner, you do not need too many things. We will walk you through how to clean gas burner. We have come up with certain ways and instructions that will help you clean the burner and the stove effectively. To clean the kitchen, you need to keep some supplies handy, i.e., kitchen cleaner, microfiber cloth, scrub, sponge, a towel, and a dishwashing gel.

Ways to Clean Gas Burner & Stovetop

Cleaning a gas burner is one of the most essential kitchen safety aspects. Burnt food and grease around the burner can be hazardous. That is why it is really important to clean the gas burner. With the techniques that we are about to discuss, you will get a sparkling clean burner and stove top in just a few simple steps. So, let us begin looking at how to clean gas burner.

  1. Gas Burner

The most hardworking part of the kitchen is the gas burner. Just a wipe won’t do anything to clean the gas burners. You need to clean the burners daily to keep them away from grease and other food stains. Below are the instructions that you must follow in order to clean gas burners.         

  • Read the Product Manual

It is best to read the product manual beforehand to clean the gas burner. You will find the safest ways to remove and clean the gas burners. Following the rules provided in the manual will also extend the life of your gas stove burners. Thus, before anything else, read the manual to know the ways of cleaning.

  • Remove all the parts

In order to clean the gas burner, you need to remove different parts of the burner such as burner grates, caps, rings, etc. Soak all the parts in a bowl of warm soapy water. You can also use a dishwashing liquid and dip the parts in that as well to clear out the grease and burnt stains. You make a soap solution by adding dishwashing liquid and hot water. Allow the parts to soak for 40 minutes to one hour. Then take them out for further washing.

  • Wash all the parts

Take out all the parts from the solution and put them in the sink. Then take a scrubber or a soft bristle brush to clean to reach harder places that you might not be able to reach through the hand. Scrub the grease marks and hold them under running water. After they have been washed, dry them thoroughly using a microfiber cloth. Ensure they are completely dried before putting them back on the stove.

  • Test all the burners

Once you have assembled all the burners back into the place, light them up. Make sure if there is any difference in the flame, color, or shape or not. If you see an irregular flame, then it’s a sign that the parts of the burner haven’t been correctly placed. If you find it difficult assembling them, take some professional help to fix the burners and make them like before again.

  1. Stovetop

In order to lift up the spirit of cooking, it is important to keep the stovetop clean. A clean stove top encourages you to make some delicious meals. Also, it helps in maintaining hygiene around the burner. Here’s how you can clean the stovetop.

  • Clean, Clean, Clean

Take off the rings, grates, and all other parts from the stove. Clean all the dirt on the surface using a kitchen towel. All the particles and germs will be effectively cleaned from the stove.

  • Make a Solution for Cleaning

For cleaning the stovetop, you need to make a cleaning solution. Just add two drops of dishwashing liquid in a bowl of warm water. Warm water when combined with the liquid helps in lifting the grime and washes away the stains easily. Just soak a cloth in the solution and wipe away all the dirt and germs from the stove. Warm water is an excellent way of removing stubborn stains from the stovetop.        

  • Clean with a Sponge

Take another round of cleaning with a sponge as well. Just damp the sponge in the solution you have made and scrub it in a circular motion. use a toothbrush to apply pressure on stubborn stains.

  • Rinse

Once you have cleaned the stove with the sponge, rinse the soapy layer using a cloth. Wipe it dry further by using a microfiber cloth.


  1. What is the easiest way to clean the gas burner?

Just make a soapy solution by adding 2-3 drops of dishwashing liquid and mixing it with water. This is one of the easiest ways of cleaning a gas burner.

  • How to clean the gas burner?

Well, the rules mentioned above can be followed in order to clean the gas burner. While making a solution, you can use vinegar as well to clean the grease stains on the burner.

  • How to clean a clogged burner?

In order to clean a clogged burner, dip the parts in warm water, and after 15-20 minutes; use a pin to unclog it. Then again put it in lukewarm water and afterward wash it under running water.

So, these are the instructions that you can follow regarding how to clean gas burner. Gas burners and stove tops are subjected to the dirt in the kitchen. Thus, we must clean them every day. Cleaning helps in maintaining proper hygiene and also helps in lifting up your mood while cooking. Thus, follow these instructions to clean the gas burner and stove top effectively.  

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