How to choose the best device to clean windows?

Now we will see a number of crystal cleaning devices that exist on the market, the same one that will help you choose the best one for you. Each one has its peculiarities, but the important thing is that they perform the same function.

Magnetic glass cleaners

Quite simply, they are window cleaning robots. They have the peculiarity that they work with a sophisticated system that prevents accidents and is made up of two pieces (one will be located on the front of the glass, while the other will be on the back) joined by a magnet, reducing the speed of cleaning, being able to treat the same glass front and back without difficulty.

Glass vacuum cleaner with handle

They are  manual  and they are also called  telescopic , they can be  extendable  or  scrapers  and this will depend on how long you want it and of course, the vitrified surfaces that you are going to clean. They have many uses, even to clean bathroom screens and can be used anywhere due to their easy mobility.

3m spray glass cleaner

This type of spray glass cleaner is often used on cars and boats, because the surfaces are exposed to other weather factors and external agents. It can be used safely on plastic, vinyl, chrome and metal, eliminating stains, dirt and insects that may remain on the glass.

Steam window vacuum cleaner

These Vinduespudser are electric, but with the particularity that they emit steam. They are usually light and without cables, they are usually very effective in doing their job of removing dirt from your windows. With it you will be able to reach the highest or farthest windows, reach tiny corners, it will allow you to refresh curtains, sofas, upholstery in general, etc. and thus avoid damaging the tissues.

To these devices, just by adding water and common salt, you will have an excellent domestic water ionizer where, without using chemical products to clean your crystals, you will achieve a level of disinfection in a totally natural way, eliminating bacteria and viruses.

Optical glass cleaner

To avoid damaging these helpers of our sight and to be able to clean them in a better way, this is already somewhat more manual. You have some options, using a little water and liquid or neutral soap will not damage, you will scratch your crystals. Just as you can also use white vinegar, alcohol, wipes and special liquids, basically the methodology is the same, only the dimensions are different.

Glass cleaning fish

Yes, there are these glass cleaner minnows, but they are only for aquarium use obviously because they have to be underwater. They are fish that settle at the bottom to eat algae and small microorganisms, keeping the aquarium as clean as possible; It is recommended due to its size, the use of the ancistrus fish and between 2 or 3.

Suitable for 10mm-18mm windows

Glass squeegee is only suitable for cleaning 10-18mm thick glass. If your glass is double glazed. Please make sure the total thickness of the glass (2 layers of glass + empty) does not exceed 18 mm; Otherwise, the glass wipe may fall off the window. If you are not sure of the thickness of the glass at home, in order to avoid purchase errors, please first evaluate the thickness of the glass before deciding whether to buy it.

About product improvement

 We start to sell after we make sure that all parts meet the standards. Please confirm that you have a complete understanding of our products (including magnetic force, effectiveness, applicable clean glass thickness, operation method, precautions, etc.) before ordering. If you have any questions or problems during the use of the product, please tell us to help you solve the questions. Smart window cleaning robot with APP: cleans and dries. iTech Win 4.0: Smart navigation, calculates the best route, detects the limits of the window and completely cleans the surface.

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