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Whenever you bet on the NFL, you will come across the divisional round expert picks. Most of the time, bettors fail to make head and tail out of it. But it is high time for bettors and fans to realize that the divisional round expert picks are essential while betting. Back in time, there was traditional betting, and no such thing was there, but now, as long as betting has got online, you need to look at numerous things to decide where to bet and how to win. For instance, you need to look at sports, gambling sites, odds, picks, and other things. One such thing in the NFL betting is divisional round expert picks. People do not realize it, but it goes a long way in impacting your game, and if you understand this will, it improves your chances of coming in as a winner through the bet. Here are some of the divisional round expert picks and advice for betting tips on the NFL. 

Divisional round expert picks 

Los Angeles Rams at Green Bay Packers- The Rams got the win over the Seattle Seahawks even after playing with the two quarterbacks. But it was their defense that led them to victory. Aaron Donald might not prove to be 100% for the Rams. This will allow the Packers to win. 

Baltimore Ravens at Buffalo bills- In reality, this matchup is scheduled between Lamar Jackson and Josh Allen. The running game of the Jackson and Ravens has been great. Contrary to it, Allen and Stefon Diggs should come up with more plays to secure the victory. It is predicted that Allen and Bills will be bouncing back again. There is no doubt that the Ravens are the hottest team in football and show no signs of slowing down. 

Cleveland Browns at Kansas City Chiefs- The Browns are riding high heading into Kansas City after their upset victory over Pittsburgh Steelers. For the Kansas City Chiefs, things are not going so well. No lead is safe when facing Patrick Mahomes, even if the chiefs get off to a rocky start as the Steelers did. Without their head coach, the Browns dismantled the Steelers on their sidelines. By the time his game kicked off, the Chiefs starter did not oversee the action in three weeks. 

Tampa Bay Buccaneers at New Orleans Saints- We have the third game between Tom Brady and Drew Brees this season. This has been planned to close out the weekend. By an average of 23 points per game, Brees and Saints won both regular-season matchups. It was difficult for Tampa Bay to close out against Washington. Brees and Saints will once again secure the victory like the two meetings in the regular season. 

Tom Brady has been successful in the playoffs. As a result, it is nearly impossible to trust the Buccaneers because Saints are going quite strong. It is expected that the Saints will win by multiple scores on their home turf. 


Pay attention to all the above-mentioned divisional round expert picks, and then finalize your bet based on this. This will take you closer to winning the bet. 

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