5 taboos about makeup packaging that you should never share with your customers

Considering the current market trends of the cosmetic industry, selecting the proper makeup packaging is essential. The market is already super dense, and without the proper approach, there is no way you can get into the market. This is where the packaging-focused dynamics of cosmetic giants come into action.

Specific parameters are necessary to ensure that you have selected the proper cosmetic packaging. You need to make sure that the products are preserved within. Also, don’t forget to include the go green initiative within the packaging. Adding ergonomics dynamics will also be a great approach.

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2022 is what we are talking about. The marketing or packaging tactics that you believe are excellent in the modern-day world are already obsolete. This is how fast the world is moving today.

Considering all of this, getting into the ever-changing cosmetic industry seems impossible, right? You are right up to some extent, but with the proper makeup packaging, you can overcome this barrier.

Here are 5 core taboos that you should limit to yourself to outshine your packaging in the market.

Is it ok not to tell everything to the customer for makeup packaging?

Being a vendor, you should only be telling relevant things to your customer. There is no point telling your customer how you are benefiting from your business.

Don’t be open about the Design Idea.

Probably the very first step of making an exceptional packaging campaign is to draft an idea for make up boxes. Suppose you are a business that loves to do everything yourself. This is the deal for you, then.

The whole drafting session will involve all the creative minds in your company. Everyone will give their input on what the product’s packaging should look like. You will definitely develop a solution for the best packaging ever.

But there is only one issue with such kind of an approach. What if you don’t have the required expertise? Like you can’t just hire the software team at your office to get creative with the packaging suddenly. You need experts who have an idea about the packaging dynamics of the cosmetic industry.

A great way of getting out of such an issue is to outsource the design drafting. You can practically consult a third-party designer and take them on board to get the required design. This will save you a lot of time. 

And with the right negotiation skills, you will be able to get an economical deal with your custom cardboard makeup boxes. But still, when the design is on display, there is no need to tell the customer that you did hire a third-party designer for it.

You are not influenced by social media – Don’t Expose 

Cosmetics is one of the very few global industries heavily influenced by trends. We aren’t talking about trends in the marketing industry or something like that. Well, the packaging dynamics indeed influence by it. But the major affecting trends are the ones administered by social media.

Every day, some new cosmetic line is getting launched, sending PR packages to the social media influencers. This is an excellent way of getting the word out in public that your business is here to make a mark.

But still, packaging-based marketing is something experts root for. The majority of the global cosmetic brands focus on packaging alone as well. This is because packaging-focused marketing is much more durable and lasts for quite some time. Plus, you can implement trends effectively on the packaging as well.

For example, the go green initiative is on the rise at the current moment. Like major global industries, the go green initiative is all about environmental protection. Industries are switching to more sustainable packaging. What happens because of it is that the company’s carbon imprint gets significantly lower.

Let the customer believe that you are following the latest trends by following social media while doing the exact opposite.

Perfect packaging is easy to achieve – Don’t say that. 

Customers are always rooting for something that is difficult to achieve. There is no need to expose that the packaging process can be relatively easier than they think. You just need to make sure that the cosmetic packaging and the brand dynamics match perfectly. It is important to get the word out for your brand.

The first step in selecting the perfect packaging is getting the layers right. You need to be very delicate with the packaging. Once the packaging is layered properly, no one can stop your brand from getting 5-star reviews. The three layers of packaging include the outer layers, the middle layer, and the inner layer.

The next step to focus on is the packaging shape you are ready to go with your custom cardboard boxes. The packaging type solely depends upon the cosmetic products you are dealing with. You can’t sell creams in cardboard boxes. It won’t fit in, plus the products will practically damage.

If we look at the modern trends, there are some particular packaging types popular in the cosmetic world. Pumps, sprayers, airless bottles, droppers, etc., are most commonly used here. Try switching to one of them in the first place.

It’s tough to manage regulations – Do not expose that. 

Throughout the globe, there are certain regulations for packaging. If you don’t follow these regulations, you can’t practically launch your products. If you have already launched your products this way, there are prominent chances that a ban is coming your way. 

But what’s the point in going through all of this just because of the packaging. So, it is better to comply with the packaging regulations. The regulations allow you to mold the packaging in particular to meet the standards. This is also favorable for the manufacturer as the products get safe and secure.

Customer-focused campaigns are indeed a thing. 

Last but not least, customer-focused campaigns for custom boxes are a must. The customer is the ultimate asset for a retail company. If the consumers don’t feel comfortable with the products, you won’t get revenue of any sort. In other words, you will be practically out of business.

To cope with this issue, the packaging should always be customer-focused. The packaging should depict what your brand is all about. It will be a great idea to add some brand dynamics to the packaging. It helps you get a core level touch with the customers, putting you on the track of community building. But in the end, do not tell the customer that such campaigns exist.

2025 will value at 750 billion USD the cosmetic and makeup industry. Projections like these show that the market will only expand shortly. Now is the time for you to get into the makeup world with some spot-on makeup packaging!

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